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Latest Headlines

BioNTech strikes back-to-back immuno-oncology deals with Lilly and Genmab

BioNTech has snagged a small upfront fee to enter into an immuno-oncology co-development pact with Genmab. The deal was unveiled one week after Eli Lilly invested $30 million (€27 million) in BioNTech as part of an immuno-oncology deal worth a potential $300 million per asset.

Ablynx adds Genzyme to roster of big-name collaborators

Ablynx has entered into a collaboration with Sanofi's Genzyme to investigate the use of its single-domain antibodies against a target involved with multiple sclerosis. The deal gives Genzyme the exclusive right to test the antibodies in models relevant to multiple sclerosis.

Gilead's Sovaldi faces renewed advocacy CL pressure, this time for China and Russia

China and Russia have become new targets for compulsory-licensing campaigns as an activist group widens its global challenge to Gilead's expensive Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) hepatitis C drug.

Philips, MIT partner in $25M deal to develop innovative med tech, lighting

Royal Philips and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have partnered in a 5-year research alliance with a $25 million budget to develop novel product solutions in healthcare and lighting.

MD Anderson Cancer Center partners to start breast cancer pilot project using Apple Watch

The MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper has partnered with behavioral health technology player Polaris Health Directions to start a pilot test using the Apple Watch that integrates patient behavioral data into electronic health records and population health data.

Takeda bolsters offerings of flu vaccines

Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical has reached an agreement to distribute Kaketsuken's influenza vaccine domestically in the 2015-2016 season as the government makes a major push to cover the elderly population.

J&J buys into Achillion's hep C pipeline for up to $1.1B

Johnson & Johnson, fighting to keep up with the blockbuster race to launch quick cures for hepatitis C, has agreed to pay as much as $1.1 billion for the rights to Achillion Pharmaceuticals' pipeline of antiviral treatments.

FierceDrugDelivery's 10 biggest partnerships in drug delivery

"Cover all the bases" is the theme of FierceDrugDelivery 's annual list of the top drug delivery partnerships. Finding 10 significant alliances that represent the full range of drug delivery advances was a challenge, and there are certainly other deals out there that are both novel and of high importance.

Pharmaxis sells NASH candidate to Boehringer, transforming financial outlook

Boehringer Ingelheim has exercised an option to buy PXS4728A from Australia-based Pharmaxis and develop it for the treatment of the liver-related condition NASH with the candidate also showing potential in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Venter's HLI teams up with Cleveland Clinic for human genomics collaboration

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity (HLI) is joining forces with Cleveland Clinic for a human genomics collaboration aimed at disease discovery, a little more than a year after the company kicked off operations with the promise of building the world's biggest human gene-sequencing platform.