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Latest Headlines

San Diego's BioAtla gets $30M from mystery Chinese investor in latest round

A mystery Chinese investor ventured $30 million on San Diego-based BioAtla, which is developing early stage biologics activated in selective microenvironments. In a release, BioAtla noted potential applications in monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, immune checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T cells. 

Illumina teams up with Chinese genomics firm for noninvasive prenatal test development

Illumina and Chinese genomics company Annoroad are joining forces to develop noninvasive prenatal screening tools based on next-generation sequencing technology, a potentially fruitful collaboration as Illumina looks to gain ground in emerging markets and strengthen its foothold in a saturated prenatal testing field.

ContraVir recruits CRO ImageIQ for shingles trial

Antiviral drug developer ContraVir Pharmaceuticals is working with ImageIQ on its Phase III program for a new shingles treatment, tapping the company for its imaging expertise.

J&J details a slew of early R&D partnerships--including at least 5 in med tech

Johnson & Johnson has hit a milestone--with more than 200 collaborations formed through its Johnson & Johnson Innovation that was launched in 2013. The latest crop of 17 new collaborations with research institutions and healthcare companies brings with it at least 5 that clearly could help advance the state of med tech.

TFS takes the plunge on a risk-sharing deal for a Parkinson's drug

Swedish CRO TFS is working with local biotech LobSor Pharmaceuticals on a new treatment for Parkison's disease, agreeing to share the risks and potential rewards of the development process.

WuXi signs on to help ReGenX manufacture gene therapies

Chinese CRO WuXi PharmaTech is joining forces with the gene therapy experts at ReGenX Bio to hammer out a manufacturing process for the company's potential one-time treatments.

India, Netherlands partner for vaccines development

Under the "Make in India" initiative, India and the Netherlands signed a memorandum of understanding enabling Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals, a public-sector biotech under India's department of biotechnology, to develop a measles and rubella vaccine with the assistance of the Netherlands' government-based Translational Vaccinology. 

J&J's global hunt for new drugs, cool new tech spurs 17 new deals

Johnson & Johnson today took the wraps off its latest collection of collaborations aimed at everything from setting up new "asset-centric" drug development operations with a partner in China to exploring ways to prevent Type 1 diabetes with investigators at Washington University. Its latest tally of 17 new deals and developments also includes a new Innovation hub in Sweden and brings its global total for its deal teams to more than 200 projects over two years running.

China part of Opdivo combo trial plans as Nasdaq-listed CBMG buys cancer vaccine

Nasdaq-listed Cellular Biomedicine Group, or CBMG, has clinical trial plans that include China for cancer vaccine CD40LGVAX bought from Blackbird Bio Finance.

Samsung Bioepis, Celltrion propel South Korea to front ranks of biosimilar race

South Korea's Celltrion and Samsung Bioepis are poised to gain new or expanded approval for biosimilars of some of the world's best-selling biological drugs, setting up a regulatory knowledge base on approvals and bringing commercial competition to major drugmakers not unlike that seen by small-molecule generics from India decades ago.