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Latest Headlines

After three strikes, Sanofi gives up on Merrimack's cancer drug

Sanofi is breaking it off with oncology partner Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, handing back full rights to MM-121, a treatment that has three times failed to hit the mark in midstage studies.

Pfizer buys big into CAR-T with sweeping Cellectis deal

Pfizer wants in on CAR-T technology, the latest much-celebrated trend in cancer R&D, striking a deal with France's Cellectis to get its hands on some tailored immunotherapies with the promise of billions in future payments.

Enterome teams up with Mayo for gut diagnostics

Paris' Enterome Biosciences has signed a deal with the Mayo Clinic to collaborate on tests that look to the microbiome to predict patient response to obesity treatment.

Natera puts its prenatal know-how toward cancer diagnostics

After finding success using its technology to screen unborn babies for chromosomal problems, Natera is looking to see how well its diagnostic platform can detect and monitor cancer.

Sequenom enlists Quest to help market its prenatal test

Sequenom, a contender in the crowded field of noninvasive prenatal testing, has recruited global giant Quest Diagnostics to expand the market for the company's MaterniT21 Plus system.

Merck KGaA pulls the plug on Ono's MS drug as the market crowds

Merck KGaA is backing out of its multiple sclerosis deal with Japan's Ono Pharmaceutical, deciding not to take the plunge on Phase III development for a drug that would face stiff competition.

Accelera signs up for pioneering CAR-T research

Preclinical CRO Accelera has teamed up with French biotech Cellectis to investigate a cancer therapy in the promising CAR-T class, treatments that use a patient's own T cells to attack tumors....

Korean pharma booster recruits Novotech to boost local R&D

Novotech, which bills itself as Australia's largest CRO, has signed a deal with a South Korean outfit to help bolster the country's status among global drug development locales.

Quintiles signs an expansive deal to chart effects of physical therapy

Quintiles, the world's largest CRO, is lending its Big Data heft to the American Physical Therapy Association, agreeing to help create a registry of patient outcomes data to inform future treatment.

Karyopharm taps CRO Veristat for cancer R&D

Biotech Karyopharm Therapeutics has signed a deal with Veristat, recruiting the CRO to serve as a preferred partner as it develops a pipeline of first-in-class oncology treatments.