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Latest Headlines

Servier stages an entry into high-stakes CAR-T showdown with Novartis

The French biotech announced this morning that it will collaborate with Paris-based Cellectis on UCART19, an engineered T cell with a chimeric antigen receptor for leukemia and lymphomas, as well as 5 other such programs. Servier is paying Cellectis $10 million down and up to $140 million per program in milestones in its gamble on the biotech's approach.

Chiltern inks a deal with Karolinska Development

CRO Chiltern has hooked up with Karolinska Development, signing on to run clinical trials for the group's many projects.

Philips seals a patient telemonitoring deal with a Boston healthcare giant

Philips Healthcare sealed a new patient telemonitoring tech deal with Partners HealthCare, the largest hospital group in Massachusetts and among the most influential providers in the nation.

Astellas finally bails on Aveo, giving up on the thrice-failed tivozanib

Japan's Astellas Pharma has seen enough of tivozanib, washing its hands of the once-promising cancer drug and putting an end to a three-year collaboration with Aveo Oncology.

Pierre Fabre dives into hot PD-1 field with a biotech tie-up

French pharma outfit Pierre Fabre has teamed up with Indian biotech Aurigene to get its hands on a PD-1 checkpoint modulator, following a burgeoning trend in cancer drug development.

GlaxoSmithKline joins a $115M antibiotics development initiative

Resistance to antibacterials is fast becoming one of the most urgent public health problems, especially since the pipeline for new antibiotics largely has dried after Big Pharma's retreat from the field in recent years.

MedImmune, UCSF strike translational research deal

AstraZeneca's biologics arm MedImmune has tapped the University of California, San Francisco for a three-year drug discovery and development partnership.

AstraZeneca's MedImmune looks to UCSF for some good science and promising ideas

MedImmune, AstraZeneca's biologics arm, had inked a three-year agreement with the University of California, San Francisco, tapping the school's roster of scientists with hopes of finding promising projects across a bevy of disease areas.

AstraZeneca dumps another round of drugs on partner Targacept

AstraZeneca is again turning its back on some projects developed alongside Targacept, handing back several preclinical assets but holding onto a once-promising Alzheimer's disease treatment that may have some use in another indication.

One Brazilian Dx giant gets new majority shareholders, and another may be sold

Two of the biggest players in Brazil's diagnostics industry are likely to confront major changes in the coming months--both worth noting as global competitors seek to enter one of the largest emerging markets around.