Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Water Street bets on German specialty Dx outfit

Germany's Orgentec Diagnostika has drawn in Water Street Healthcare Partners as a major investor, which has plans in place to grow the 25-year-old specialty diagnostics company through future M&A deals down the line.

U.K.'s Enigma Diagnostics jumps into China with disease pathogen testing

Enigma disclosed it will team up with China's National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention to develop new rapid, easy-to-use molecular diagnostic tests and tools designed to spot infectious disease pathogens.

Novartis, Servier team up on tumor-killing drug development

France's Servier has struck up a deal with Novartis to develop oncology drugs that invade tumors and lead them to self-destruct.

GE Healthcare collaborates with CorTechs Labs on MRI scans

GE Healthcare and MRI software provider CorTechs Labs signed a joint-marketing agreement on a MRI scanning solution used in conjunction with CorTech's NeuroQuant program.

Pfizer cozies up to U.K. scientists amid transatlantic scrutiny

Amid concerns that its planned buyout of AstraZeneca would deal a blow to U.K. R&D, Pfizer has teamed up with a host of British universities to collaborate on rare-disease drugs.

Who will buy into AstraZeneca's '$5B' high-risk Alzheimer's drug?

Merck may lead the industry in developing a new BACE inhibitor for Alzheimer's, but AstraZeneca feels that it has a shot at blockbuster glory in the field as well. And now the pharma giant wants to rope a partner in to share the potential rewards, as well as the high level of risk involved--if not just take over the whole thing.

Royalty Pharma backs risk-friendly researcher Avillion

Avillion, a contract researcher that teams up on late-stage drugs in exchange for a cut of profits, has added the complementarily focused Royalty Pharma to its investor syndicate, joining VCs Abingworth and Clarus Ventures.

UCSF, Stanford and Johns Hopkins join FDA partnership to speed drug development

The FDA has selected Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco, for a new initiative aimed at streamlining the drug development and approval process.

Boston Scientific joins Optum Labs as the company's first medical device partner

Boston Scientific is joining forces with Optum as the healthcare data company's first medical device partner.

Regeneron jumps into next-gen gene therapy tech with $640M eye drug deal

Regeneron is turning to gene therapy research to look for a successor to its blockbuster wet AMD drug Eylea.