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Latest Headlines

InVentiv amps up its biosimilar efforts with latest deal

As demand for biosimilar development swells around the world, CRO inVentiv Health has teamed up with Australia's Proteomics International to expand its characterization services, an effort to boost its capabilities in early work on biologic knockoffs.

Roche pays millions to U.K. biotech as it doubles down on antibiotics

After largely abandoning the field back in 1999, Roche is diving back into antibiotics, teaming up with Cambridge, U.K.'s Discuva to discover and develop new treatments for deadly infections using the biotech's novel platform.

Sanofi grabs a discovery pact with gut expert Ardelyx in $198M deal

There's no word on the upfront, but Sanofi has committed to pay up to $198 million in milestones if the portfolio delivers an approved therapy that can be used to treat hyperphosphatemia, a condition characterized by elevated levels of phosphate in the blood of patients with end stage renal disease and other forms of chronic kidney disease.

Boston Scientific partners up to push Parkinson's tech in Europe

Neuromodulation devices have been key to Boston Scientific's years-long effort to reverse its lagging fortunes, and now the med tech giant has teamed up with two European nonprofits to promote its treatments for Parkinson's disease and dystonia.

PPD partners up to give Germany a starring role in clinical trials

PPD has signed a deal with a German hospital to help bring more clinical trials to the country, agreeing to lend its global reach and help lure drug developers.

Quintiles lends its sequencing skills to massive cardiovascular study

Global Genomics Group is in the midst of an expansive cardiovascular study with hopes of finding new biomarkers and drug targets for coronary artery disease, and now the company has enlisted the help of CRO giant Quintiles to handle some of the necessary gene sequencing work.

3M to develop inhaled airway inflammation treatments with Delaware's Invion

3M Drug Delivery Systems has joined forces with the Delaware outfit Invion to develop inhaled drugs for inflammatory airway diseases.

Chembio teams with Malaysian outfit to bring its rapid HIV/syphilis tests into Asia

Chembio Diagnostics has signed a two-part deal with Malaysia's RVR Diagnostics to expand the reach of its rapid HIV and syphilis point-of-care tests, and potentially others down the line.

Theorem takes a dive into analytics with latest deal

CRO Theorem Clinical Research has struck a deal with a healthcare analytics firm, giving it access to economics and outcomes research technology the company said can help drug developers make the right decisions throughout the R&D process.

Servier stages an entry into high-stakes CAR-T showdown with Novartis

The French biotech announced this morning that it will collaborate with Paris-based Cellectis on UCART19, an engineered T cell with a chimeric antigen receptor for leukemia and lymphomas, as well as 5 other such programs. Servier is paying Cellectis $10 million down and up to $140 million per program in milestones in its gamble on the biotech's approach.