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Latest Headlines

India's Natco wins again with U.S. challenge to Tamiflu generic

Natco Pharma won another battle in its quest to knock down patent barriers to its generic drugs, this time for a version of the Gilead Sciences' influenza treatment, Tamiflu (oseltamivir).

J&J hosts developer of novel skin cancer diagnostic at its new life science incubator in Silicon Valley

Mindera, the developer of a microneedle-based molecular diagnostic system for skin cancer, was among the first 10 resident companies at Johnson & Johnson's just-opened JLABS life science incubator in San Francisco. That means that the life science bigwig believes Mindera's technology is novel and of interest to one of the many companies under its umbrella.

Will the third licensee of a buccal tablet for mouth fungus succeed where others have failed?

Dara BioSciences is the new marketer of the only orally dissolving buccal tablet approved for oral thrush, which occurs when the  Candida albicans  fungus grows in the lining of the mouth.

Merck Serono, Illumina partner in the latest universal next-gen cancer diagnostic deal

Cancer diagnostics has long been defined by the aim of providing "personalized" and "precision" medicine to patients. But now the buzzword of the moment seems to be trending more toward "universal"--as the industry strives for an all-encompassing test that will mete out the best possible individual treatment protocols based on genomic data.

Irish research center wins EU funding to study and develop transdermal delivery methods

Researchers at Ireland's Waterford Institute of Technology have been awarded nearly $1 million to test and develop transdermal medications for conditions such as non-melanoma skin cancer.

Korea's Hanmi in deal with Kinex Pharma for India sales of Orascovery pump

Hanmi Pharmaceutical has signed a licensing agreement for Kinex Pharmaceuticals to develop its Orascovery pump inhibitor for gastrointestinal treatments in India.

Mayo/Scripps team begins testing a new class of anti-aging drugs

Investigators have begun testing new drugs that can specifically hunt down and eliminate senescent cells in mice, opening the door to what they say could be a new class of therapeutics that promise to one day slow down the human aging process.

Altasciences partners up for early-stage R&D

Canadian CRO conglomerate Altasciences struck a deal with preclinical researcher ITR Laboratories, joining forces to create a discovery-to-development offering for drugmakers.

Whack-a-mole begins as Natco Sovaldi copies sprout in Nepal, Bangladesh

Want Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), the hepatitis C drug selling in the United States for $1,000 per pill, for just $10 a pill? Go to Bangladesh or some other country where the drug is about to be produced and sold free of the control of Sovaldi's owner, Gilead Sciences.

Japan biotech gets another boost with Tokyo Exchange nod for SanBio

Biotech companies got a boost in Japan on Friday as it was announced that SanBio will be listed publicly on the Tokyo Stock Exchange beginning April 8.