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Latest Headlines

Foundation Medicine teams up with Novartis for cancer diagnostics

The recently IPO'd Foundation Medicine has expanded its relationship with Novartis, lending out its gene-profiling technology to help the drugmaker develop cancer treatments.

AbbVie adds a slate of $255M wagers on Seattle Genetics' 'armed' antibody cancer tech

Whatever AbbVie learned in the first stages of its collaboration with Seattle Genetics on antibody-drug conjugates must have seriously whetted the pharma company's appetite for more.

Kindstar partners with Israeli BioView to bring lung cancer Dx to Asia

Lung cancer spreads quickly, which helps it claim more lives each year than any other cancer worldwide and makes early detection key. Now, two companies have teamed up to bring a diagnostic test to some of the countries that need it most.

J&J Innovation launches a discovery pact with fledgling upstart Scholar Rock

Johnson & Johnson's global hunt for new technologies has led it to a fledgling biotech working on a new approach to triggering an immune system attack, as well as stopping one.

AstraZeneca teams with one of the hottest biotechs working on immunotherapies

Immunocore's list of collaborators is beginning to look like a Who's Who in Big Pharma. Today the biotech--which is developing T cell immunotherapy technology originally spun out of Oxford--added a deal-hungry AstraZeneca and its biologics team at MedImmune as its latest partner, which will now join Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline in exploring whether the biotech has really found a powerful new approach to engineering an immune system attack on cancer cells.

Durect, Impax tie up for a shingles patch to last 6 times as long as Lidoderm

Impax Laboratories is tapping Durect Corporation for its mid-stage transdermal patch Eladur, which is designed to ease the pain associated with shingles. For exclusive rights to the delivery tech, Impax agreed to pay up to $63 million to Durect when all is said and done.

Foundation Medicine deepens its Novartis ties with new deal

Diagnostics luminary Foundation Medicine has expanded its relationship with pharma giant Novartis, giving the drugmaker more access to its gene profiling technology to develop cancer treatments.

AstraZeneca adds a second cancer R&D deal to its pact with Horizon Discovery

Amid AstraZeneca's deal frenzy to rebuild its weak pipeline, the U.K.-based company has forged another research and licensing deal with Horizon Discovery to find new cancer drug targets.

Stryker teams with Samsung's NeuroLogica on a portable CT scanner

Stryker announced that it will partner with Samsung unit NeuroLogica to sell a full-body portable computed tomography (CT) scanner. The two companies will market the device for use by surgeons in the fields of neurology, orthopedics and trauma.

UPDATED: Astellas inks deal to create a portfolio of vaccine-focused biotechs

The partnership sees Astellas team up with ClearPath, a Maryland-based company that helps develop early-stage drugs.