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Latest Headlines

Roche heralds its return to the antibiotics field with $560M Polyphor deal

With healthcare officials around the world ringing alarm bells over a weak global pipeline of antibiotics, Roche's pRED group is making good on its promised return to the field with a $560 million development deal, partnering up with a Phase II program underway at Polyphor.

Inova picks up rheumatoid arthritis biomarkers from Dutch university

Inova Diagnostics once again has its sights on rheumatoid arthritis-detecting technology, this week acquiring a novel platform developed at Hasselt University designed to identify autoantibody biomarkers for the debilitating condition.

Sanofi, Glaxo sign up for vaccine R&D projects under new Gates initiative

In its joint venture, Glaxo will front $1.8 million for work on the thermostability of vaccines. GSK will set out to make adjuvants--used to boost the effectiveness of vaccines--more heat stable. The project fits within the broad scope of work attempting to break the "cold chain" supply process that requires vaccines to remain refrigerated--a big challenge for developing countries.

Eli Lilly partners with Pfizer on its high-risk PhIII pain med tanezumab

Pfizer announced in its quarterly statement today that Lilly had agreed to share the cost of development on tanezumab in exchange for a split of the profits. Lilly, which has come under increased scrutiny after a series of high-risk drug programs failed to pan out, will also pay an unspecified upfront--provided the FDA lifts a partial hold on the program.

Dendreon picks CMO PharmaCell to make Provenge in Europe

Dutch CMO PharmaCell has inked a deal with the struggling Dendreon to manufacture its prostate cancer drug Provenge in Europe.

CRO Atheris hooks up with Debiopharm for cancer R&D

Swiss CRO Atheris Laboratories has signed a deal with Debiopharm to help develop a peptide cancer drug, optimizing leads for an innovative venom-derived treatment.

Allergan snags rights to InnoCore's eye drug delivery platform

Allergan teamed up with the Dutch drug delivery company InnoCore this week to further develop sustained-release ophthalmic products using InnoCore's drug delivery platform SynBiosys.

Qiagen inks lung cancer diagnostics deal with Clovis Oncology

Biotech Clovis Oncology is tapping Qiagen's diagnostic expertise as it develops an EGFR-targeting lung cancer treatment, tasking the German company with creating a companion test that can identify patients for clinical trials and, eventually, be sold alongside the drug.

Harvard, AstraZeneca partner to replace animal testing with 'organs-on-chips'

AstraZeneca has partnered with the Wyss Institute to use its organs-on-chips technology--miniature human organs made of a clear, flexible polymer that contain tiny tubes lined with living human cells--to help improve the way it tests drugs for humans.

DoD ponies up $15M to develop Terumo's blood-cleaning tech

Terumo BCT, the blood-focused division of the Japanese med tech giant, has signed a deal with the U.S. Department of Defense to share costs in the development of a device that can treat donated blood used in emergency transfusions.