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Latest Headlines

Biogen fronts $100M to add Isis R&D pact on neurological diseases

Biogen Idec is clearly enamored with what it's been seeing in its development partnerships with Isis Pharmaceuticals. The big biotech has agreed to front $100 million to get started on their fourth drug collaboration--this one covering neurological diseases.

Covance teams with Indiana U. for early trials

CRO giant Covance has signed a deal with the Indiana University School of Medicine, bringing more Phase I studies to the school's on-site clinical research unit and giving Covance a broader footprint for early trials.

Novartis strikes stem cell deal to aid transplant patients

Swiss drugmaker Novartis said Friday that it has teamed up with small biotech outfit Renegerex, gaining access to stem cell technology designed to benefit organ transplant patients.

Sanofi nabs U.S. rights to a safer aspirin in $35M Pozen deal

Sanofi is handing over a $15 million upfront along with promises of $20 million in precommercialization milestones to partner with Chapel Hill, NC-based Pozen on a pair of new-and-improved aspirins that avoid some common side effects.

Startup Ultragenyx snags PhII program for growing rare-disease pipeline

Flush from raising more than $100 million, Novato, CA-based startup Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical has stepped up with a new pact to partner on a rare bone-disease drug from Japan's Kyowa Hakko Kirin.

Google invests in oral drug delivery for insulin, other biologics

Google's venture arm is one of three firms contributing to an investment of more than $10 million in Rani Therapeutics, a drug-delivery company focusing on novel oral treatments.

Johnson & Johnson forges partnership to fight dengue fever

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen is partnering with the University of Leuven in Belgium and the U.K.'s Wellcome Trust in an effort to combat the world's fastest-spreading tropical disease, dengue fever.

UPDATED: J&J hands over $75M payout as FDA countdown begins for ibrutinib

J&J knows how to do a big licensing deal with some serious short-term incentives tied to it. And that swaggering deal style was on full display this morning when Pharmacyclics announced that the FDA has accepted their NDA on the closely-watched cancer drug ibrutinib, triggering a $75 million milestone payment and bringing its cash tally to at least $375 million.

Duke's CRO nabs another trial deal

As research universities around the world look to put their labs to lucrative use by launching CROs, Duke University has nailed down another development deal, teaming up with the International Stem Cell Corporation on a Parkinson's disease treatment.

Teva jettisons an option deal with struggling Rexahn

Rexahn has regularly cited its development pact with Teva for a preclinical tumor drug dubbed RX-3117 as a cause for hope in the little biotech's future. Today, Rexahn issued word that Teva had chosen not to exercise its option for the therapy.