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Latest Headlines

23andMe's $60M deal with Genentech shows an alternative path forward for diagnostics companies

Consumer-oriented genetic testing company 23andMe's up to $60 million partnership to provide Big Pharma company Genentech with access to information on about 3,000 Parkinson's patients illustrates the value of diagnostic companies' genetic information.

Adaptive Biotechnologies snatches up Sequenta to gain ground in cancer immunosequencing

Adaptive Biotechnologies snatched up immune sequencing company Sequenta for an undisclosed sum to further the companies' immunosequencing efforts and grab a bigger piece of a rapidly growing market.

Blend Therapeutics receives $21M in Series B round

Blend Therapeutics announced that it has received $21 million in new financing via a Series B venture round, as well as debt financing from an institutional investment firm to advance its Pentarin biologic drug conjugates.

Israel's Itamar looks to China, Canada and beyond for growth

Last year brought new sales agreements in the U.S. and Japan as well as a new focus on the lucrative sleep disorder market for Israeli devicemaker Itamar Medical. Now, the Medtronic-backed company says it's casting its deal net far and wide in 2015.

Novartis adopts a CRISPR-Cas9 partner and jumps into the hot new R&D field

Just weeks after Novartis and Atlas Venture announced the launch of an upstart player in the fast-emerging field of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, the pharma giant has stepped back up to formally hammer out a partnership development deal and throw its enormous resources behind the biotech.

Qualcomm to connect medical devices to cloud for Walgreens, Novartis

Qualcomm announced medical device-related partnerships with Walgreens and Novartis at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Qualcomm's contribution to the partnerships will be the cloud-based data-sharing Life2Net platform, described as a nonexclusive, interoperable system for delivering healthcare.

Bristol-Myers to collaborate with Calibr on fibrosis drugs

Bristol-Myers Squibb is turning to the California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr) in San Diego for new fibrosis drug candidates.

Evotec teams up with Ohio State on a new cancer drug

German contract researcher Evotec has paired off with Ohio State to help the school develop an in-house cancer prospect, lending its technology and expertise.

Amgen, Kite partner their hot CAR-T and IO tech in blockbuster cancer pact

Amgen has found a CAR-T development partner. The Big Biotech is partnering up with Kite Pharma on new drugs that use Kite's chimeric antigen receptor tech, which turns T cells in the immune system into cancer-cell attack weapons. And they're both putting up some major milestone cash to fuel the work.

J&J inks an $835M RNA deal to develop autoimmune drugs with Isis

You can now count Johnson & Johnson among the roster of big companies to ally itself with Isis Pharmaceuticals' R&D group. J&J has stepped up with an $835 million pact to develop new drugs for autoimmune diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with the RNA specialists at Isis.