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Latest Headlines

Eisai pairs up with a French research shop to find new cancer drugs

Japanese drugmaker Eisai has aligned itself with France's Paoli Calmettes Institute to spotlight potential oncology therapies.

Allergan bets $50M on a dry eye drug as it touts its commitment to R&D

Allergan expanded its pipeline with a $50 million deal to bring in a late-stage treatment for dry eye as the company works to reaffirm its commitment to R&D in the face of industrywide scrutiny.

Sanofi inks a $1.5B deal to join BioNTech's growing list of oncology partners

Sanofi is pairing up with Germany's BioNTech in a collaboration potentially worth $1.5 billion, licensing some early-stage cancer immunotherapies that use messenger RNA to target tumors.

China's WuXi PharmaTech, Gilead focus on analytical testing in wider partnership

Shanghai-based WuXi PharmaTech has opened a door for Gilead Sciences in China that comes as the California-based maker of blockbuster hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni looks to expand in Asia, and particularly in China, for its leading therapies.

MabSpace gets $15M as Lilly Asian Ventures bets on immune approach

Suzhou-based MabSpace Biosciences has raised $15 million in Series A funding from Lilly Asia Ventures to develop the biotech's technology for antibodies that break the tolerance of the immune system.

Merck KGaA inks cancer metabolism drug discovery alliance with Selvita

Merck KGaA has teamed up with Selvita to discover small molecule drugs against multiple oncology indications. The alliance builds on an earlier two-year research collaboration into the discovery of enzyme inhibitors to regulate metabolic processes in cancer cells.

Efficacy shortfall dooms Glenmark-Sanofi deal on MS candidate

A licensing deal between India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and France's Sanofi has ended after the multiple sclerosis (MS) drug Sanofi was testing failed to meet its efficacy expectations. Glenmark is now seeking to relicense the monoclonal antibody vatelizumab (GBR 500), according to a report by NDTV.

Deep learning radiology startup Enlitic wins Aussie partner, $10M Series B

San Francisco-based Enlitic is working to apply the advances in deep learning in recent years to medical imaging. Now it's recruited the fastest-growing Australian radiology services provider, Capitol Health, to aid it in that quest with a partnership and by taking the lead on a $10 million Series B financing.

Cleveland Clinic, Candescent Health partner to create cloud-based radiology network

The Cleveland Clinic has partnered with startup Candescent Health in a multiyear deal for the creation of a U.S. cloud-based radiology network based on consistent standards and workflow processes. The partnership is the latest example of the ongoing assessment of how to best access and use radiology resources given the ever-expanding potential for sharing diagnostic images and integrating software analyses.

J&J's Ethicon partners with Fogarty Institute to back next-gen device innovation

Nonprofit incubator Fogarty Institute for Innovation is partnering with Johnson & Johnson's surgical device specialist Ethicon to develop next generation medical devices. Ethicon will sponsor the Institute to support its educational programs as well as offer leadership and mentorship to its resident med tech innovators.