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Latest Headlines

Ten big med tech companies add 25,000 jobs in 2013

An employment report released today by EP Vantage found that 12 of the 15 biggest device companies added to their head count in 2013. And Abbott and Covidien would have been net hirers were it not for the divestment of their pharma arms that year--resulting in the transfer of jobs to other companies, leaving Boston Scientific as the only large company to truly eliminate jobs last year.

Cubist issues third recall in 12 months after another CMO quality failing

Cubist is going through a bad patch with outsourced production. The problems began in August 2013, when CMO quality failings prompted Cubist to recall four lots of its injectable antibiotic Cubicin. Having summoned back another lot in April, Cubist has now issued a much larger recall, with about 100 lots affected.

St. Jude laying off up to 270 workers in California

The second shift at St. Jude Medical's cardiology device manufacturing facility in Sylmar, a suburb of Los Angeles, is being eliminated, resulting in the loss of up 270 jobs. The layoffs will take effect July 28, reports the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. 

Aptuit putting $1M into cytotoxic capabilities in Scotland

Contract services company Aptuit will invest $1 million in its facility in Glasgow, Scotland, to expand its capacity to manufacture sterile cytotoxic liquid and lyophilized drug products.

FDA sues to halt production of 'unapproved' vaginal gel products

California contract manufacturer Laclede was warned. Now it is being legally stormed. After years of letters, inspections and meetings with the FDA couldn't move the company to seek an NDA for its vaginal gel products, the FDA has sued Laclede to get it to stop making them.

More consolidation in the API market as Provence picks up peptidemaker Synprosis

There is more movement in the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing market, this time in France, where peptide specialist Synprosis was snapped up by fine chemical maker Provence Technologies Group.

Lilly, Merck juggle cost and complexity in manufacturing strategies

Over the past decade patent expiries have forced many Big Pharma to close production plants that supported decades of growth. With the current and next generations of small molecules and biologics raising the bar for manufacturing complexity, Eli Lilly, Merck and their peers face a choice: build plants or outsource?

Poor contract manufacturing sales put a big hurt on Dr. Reddy's

A slide in contract manufacturing undermined earnings for India's Dr. Reddy's Laboratories in the last quarter.

Parexel opens Singapore distribution facility

As drugmakers expand drug development and manufacturing around the world, logistics become important and often challenging. Suppliers, as well as drugmakers, have to figure out how to get ingredients and supplies to new destinations. Parexel is latching onto that opportunity with a new distribution center in Singapore, as well as expansion of operations in Billerica, MA.

CMO born from $2.6 billion merger comes on the scene as DPx

A new company, initially dubbed NewCo and created by the $2.6 billion merger of contract manufacturer Patheon and Netherlands-based DSM Pharmaceutical Products, has officially broken onto the scene. It has been given the moniker of DPx and starts its corporate life as one of the largest contract manufacturing and development groups in the world.