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Latest Headlines

Sanofi nears hire of Morgan Stanley banker as M&A head: Bloomberg

If Sanofi intends to follow through with the strategy new CEO Olivier Brandicourt laid out last month, it has some serious dealmaking to do--and on that front, it may soon be bringing in backup.

Brace yourself, pharma: 2016 will be 'the year of merger mania,' PwC says

A new report says 2016 will be "the year of merger mania." But does that mean industry watchers should expect to see more transactions in the Pfizer-Allergan vein, which saw two hulking pharmas agree to a merger pact? Not necessarily.

Edwards grabs option to acquire transcatheter mitral valve repair startup

Just as the flurry of M&A activity transcatheter mitral valve repair arena appears to be dying down, with nearly all of the developers snapped up by the industry bigwigs, TAVR pioneer Edwards Life is threatening to start a run on related minimally invasive mitral valve replacement players too, thanks to the announcement of its exclusive option to acquire Baltimore, MD's Harpoon Medical.

Valeant weighs Paragon sale to get out of FTC spotlight

The Federal Trade Commission has been investigating Valeant for potentially cornering a piece of the contact lens market--and now, the Canadian drugmaker is making moves to get out of the hot seat.

Pozen and Tribute, spooked by tax rule changes, kill plans to put merged company in Ireland

The U.S. Treasury's latest stab at deflecting tax inversions deals has persuaded at least one player to give up plans for a move to Ireland, but not from looking outside the U.S. for some tax relief. Pozen, which was headed to Ireland as part of its merger plans with Tribute Pharmaceuticals, will set up shop instead in Tribute's home turf of Canada.

Sitting on $25B, Gilead goes shopping for high-dollar buyouts

Gilead Sciences, raking in revenue with its revolutionary hepatitis C franchise, is intensifying its M&A rhetoric as it sits on a huge pile of cash, scouting for deals in the $10 billion range.

As Baxalta stares down hemophilia competition, Shire's interest puzzles analysts

Shire has made it no secret that it's still interested in buying Baxalta, the hemophilia specialist that shot down its $30 billion bid over the summer. But with the latter's position in the hemophilia market being threatened by a score of up-and-coming therapies, some analysts can't quite understand why.

Danaher tags its industrial unit with the name 'Fortive' as part of the company split

Lab equipment provider Danaher, which earlier this year said it would split into two publicly traded companies, has unveiled the moniker by which its industrial business operations will be known--Fortive.

Shkreli's KaloBios buys an old drug with eyes on a lucrative FDA voucher

KaloBios, a once-doomed company brought back from the brink by biotech entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, bought the rights to an old antiparasitic drug with hopes of winning FDA approval and securing one of the agency's valuable priority review vouchers.

If Pfizer's consumer health unit goes up for grabs, Reckitt's interested, CEO says

As Pfizer moves forward with its agreed-upon $160 billion merger with Allergan, analysts expect it to eventually part ways with its consumer health business. And when it does, it's got a potential buyer in Reckitt Benckiser.