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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Sorry, Endo. Valeant's back on top with $173-per-share Salix bid

So you thought you could wrestle Salix away from Valeant, Endo? The Canadian pharma has a message for you: Think again.

Hedge fund snaps up 5% of Valeant amid speculation of a Zoetis deal

Pershing Square Capital Management recently took a 5% stake in Valeant Pharmaceuticals in what some Wall Street insiders say is the opening salvo in what could be an eventual merger between Valeant and animal health giant Zoetis.

Third Rock's faded Ember gets resuscitated in merger deal

Ember Therapeutics, a Third Rock Ventures-founded biotech startup that closed its doors late last year, is getting a second chance thanks to a small New York drug developer.

Medtronic prioritizes product development post-Covidien deal close

A little more than a month after Medtronic closed its $49.9 billion purchase of Covidien, the combined company is forging ahead with ambitious plans for growth. And as Medtronic's chief integration officer, Geoff Martha, told FierceMedicalDevices, the company's "first and foremost strategy" involves developing new devices to support innovative therapies, ultimately cutting costs and making healthcare more efficient.

UPDATED: Endo aims to lure Salix from Valeant with $175-per-share offer

Last month, some industry watchers speculated that the low price Valeant agreed to pay for North Carolina's Salix could leave room for other bids. And now, one has arrived, courtesy of Endo International.

Should Teva buy Mylan? 'Close call,' analyst says

Rumors have been floating around for months that pickup-hungry Teva may be looking to buy generics competitor Mylan. Some analysts have dismissed the idea, pointing to reasons a buyout wouldn't work. But with the deal talk persisting, at least one analyst says the underlying logic for a tie-up is sound--as long as it doesn't happen right away.

Acadia's shifting calendar spurs market-moving takeout rumors

Acadia Pharmaceuticals' shares rocketed up nearly 20% on Tuesday based on some news tied to two investor conferences. But the market wasn't reacting to anything the company said, instead reading into a pair of cancellations and deducing that a buyout might be in the offing.

Zogenix jettisons controversial pain med Zohydro for $100M-plus

Zogenix has taken plenty of heat over Zohydro, the all-hydrocodone painkiller that critics say is too easy for opioid addicts to abuse. But under a deal announced Tuesday, those critics will no longer be the San Diego company's concern.

What's the next big biotech target in the multibillion-dollar M&A game?

Now that AbbVie has managed to astonish just about everyone in the biopharma business with its $21 billion takeover of Pharmacyclics, there's been a deluge of speculation over the next big target in the M&A game. Yesterday, Bloomberg 's restless team of deal-watchers proffered Bristol-Myers Squibb as a possibility, seeing as how the Big Biotech is now the clear leader in immuno-oncology, where it could be in line for $15 billion in peak sales.

Concordia scores ex-Big Pharma drugs in $1.2B Covis buyout

Concordia Healthcare is snatching up Covis Pharma's pharma and injectables units for $1.2 billion in cash, beefing ups its generics portfolio and riding the recent wave of pharma M&A.