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Latest Headlines

Catalent reaches into Australia with latest buyout

Catalent is buying a drug packaging operation in Australia, extending its global reach with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Mylan makes a pass at Perrigo with $205-per-share buyout offer

Generics specialist Mylan has zeroed in on the big buyout everyone's been waiting for. The Pittsburgh-based drugmaker offered $205 per share for Perrigo, the over-the-counter drugmaker that just closed its own $4.5 billion deal for Belgium's Omega Pharma.

Rhythm rolls into Phase IIb with an Actavis buyout in the balance

Boston biotech Rhythm is advancing its lead drug into Phase IIb under the eye of Actavis, which has inked a deal to buy the gastrointestinal treatment if it likes what it sees.

Watch out, Valeant. Concordia's joining the buy-to-grow pharma business

Serial acquirer Valeant may have a mini-me in Concordia Healthcare--but it's a mini-me that could just wind up luring investors away from the Quebec-based drugmaker.

Why didn't J&J buy Imbruvica partner Pharmacyclics? It wants hot drugs cheap, CEO says

Why didn't Johnson & Johnson buy Pharmacyclics? Good question--and one The Wall Street Journal posed to CEO Alex Gorsky in a recent interview in Tokyo.

Amgen CEO Bradway collects a $14M pay package on record-breaking revenue

In a year when several of his peers won big payoffs for one extraordinary reason or another, Amgen CEO Robert Bradway earned just about as much as he had the previous year, give or take a few hundred thousand. Small comfort--though some comfort, perhaps--to the thousands of employees facing job cuts as Amgen prepares for biosimilar competition to its top-selling meds.

Valeant starts $500M in Salix cost-cutting with 250 layoffs

After closing its deal for Salix Pharmaceuticals, Valeant wasted no time getting down to business with the cost-cutting it's known for. And now, North Carolina's Triangle area has another 250-plus pharma layoffs to add to a growing list.

Medtronic grabs artificial pancreas tech from Israeli devicemaker

Medtronic snatched up artificial pancreas technology from Israel-based DreaMed Diabetes for its insulin pumps, the company's latest deal as it looks to diversify its diabetes offerings and cash in on a growing market.

Medtronic expands services push to diabetes care with acquisition of Diabeter

Med tech company executives often talk about the need to provide not just products but "solutions" to problems like meeting Affordable Care Act metrics at hospitals and lowering the cost of patient care. Now, Medtronic is expanding its push into healthcare services to a new front with the acquisition of the Netherlands' diabetes and research clinic Diabeter.

Watch out, pharma. Fitch says the M&A party could come with a hangover

Biopharma has been on a bona fide dealmaking binge. Trouble is, that binge is starting to get too expensive--and too risky. That's what Fitch Ratings says in a new report that cautions against fast-and-loose dealmaking.