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Latest Headlines

Cinven swoops in to buy control of CRO Medpace for $915M

The private equity group announced this morning that it will buy out Medpace, continuing an M&A trend that has spurred a sizable shakeout of the CRO business in recent years. With outsourcing growing increasingly popular in the biopharma industry, the financiers are finding some significant upside in buying--and then selling--CROs.

Ariad lets an activist through the gate as shaky buyout rumors linger

Ariad Pharmaceuticals has appointed a former Carl Icahn acolyte to its board of directors, giving in to the activist investor after downing a poison pill to fend off any hostile advances. Now, amid some loosely founded chatter about its M&A potential, the bruised biotech could be in for another shakeup.

Merck KGaA has the firepower to pull off a big buyout, but will it?

The execs at Merck KGaA have been hinting around for months now that they're interested in doing some sizable deals to build up the drug R&D side of the business at the conglomerate. And CEO Karl-Ludwig Kley helped feed the rumor mill on Friday with his boast that the company has deep enough pockets to pull off a multibillion-dollar buyout without straining.

Is it news to you? Furiex really is up on the auction block

When Furiex posted positive Phase III data on its lead drug, the biotech did everything just short of posting a "for sale" sign in its front yard to signal its intentions as its market cap more than doubled in a matter of hours. Now, in case you missed the signals, Bloomberg is reporting its sources are saying that the company has signed on with Bank of America to engineer a deal.

Stryker bets on sports medicine devices with a new California acquisition

With Smith & Nephew shoring up its sports medicine device offerings in a major acquisition, Stryker is now trying to do the same with its second acquisition in a week.

Reuters: Bayer, Novartis, Reckitt eye $10B-$12B bids for Merck consumer unit

Last week, we heard that Merck's consumer unit was bearing down on a sale, with a price of $10 billion-plus. Now, Reuters sources say the deal could be worth up to $12 billion, with several consumer and healthcare companies in on the hunt.

Place your bets: Will Valeant trump Actavis' bid for Forest?

As Bloomberg reports, at least one analyst thinks that Valeant Pharmaceuticals, always ambitious and eager for a deal, might step in with a competing bid. Valeant is aiming to grow its way into Big Pharma, and a deal this size could really help.

After nixing CFR deal, Adcock stakeholders force chairman's resignation

Adcock Ingram chairman Khotso Mokhele last year rebuffed a Bidvest takeover offer, labeling it "opportunistic." Now, after teaming up to block Adcock's deal with Chile's CFR Pharmaceuticals, the two companies have forced his resignation.

Stryker's first M&A target of 2014: A German surgical equipment maker

More M&A is key to Stryker's strategy to build higher 2014 sales through investments in innovation and globalization, and the Michigan device company now says it will snatch up a German surgical equipment maker for $172 million.

Icahn: Activist investing works, and Forest deal shows it

After two proxy battles with Forest Labs and a settlement that warded off a third, longtime rebel investor Carl Icahn finally got his way Tuesday when Actavis announced its $25 billion buyout of the New York City-based company.