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Latest Headlines

BioClinica dives into adaptive trials with latest buy

Just three months after wrapping its latest merger, BioClinica has made another acquisition, snapping up Blueprint Clinical to expand its capabilities in the growing field of risk-based management.

After three failed bids for Shire, will AbbVie try again to expand beyond Humira?

Spun off from Abbott Laboratories early last year, AbbVie right now is somewhat of a one-trick pony, with lead drug Humira--the best-selling med in the world--raking in 57% of its 2013 sales. Though it has some hot prospects in its pipeline, it could use some other revenue sources, and it apparently thinks Shire might be able to help it out in that department--and bring along some tax advantages, too.

Medtronic's tax inversion scheme won't be all fun and games, experts say

Medtronic is looking forward to reaping the benefits of its new Irish domicile after its $42.9 purchase of Covidien, but the tax inversion process will not be all fun and games, according to tax experts.

Danaher is a big question mark looming amid med tech M&A frenzy

Amid the current M&A feeding frenzy going on in the medical device jungle Danaher is the 800-pound gorilla quietly sitting on its hands as well as an estimated $12 billion available to make a deal--or several.

AbbVie and Shire square off over a spurned $46B buyout offer

AbbVie announced late Thursday night that it had made three passes at Shire in recent weeks, bumping its nonbinding offer to $78.87 a share in cash and stock and getting turned down at each attempt.

Will Allergan scramble for Shire to beat off Valeant's hostile advance?

Valeant has been promising a hostile takeover approach for Allergan since the company's board unanimously shot down its $53 billion cash-and-stock bid. And now, it's made its first move.

Covidien endovascular unit could be target for cuts after Medtronic merger

Now that Medtronic has grabbed Covidien for $42.9 billion, Covidien's endovascular unit could be on the line as the companies chart a course of action for their pending merger.

CEO: New Novartis will be a lean, mean, profit-making machine

Remember how Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez vowed to improve the Swiss drugmaker's margins? Would have been there and done that, if the company's recent spate of deals had been done last year--by 2.5 percentage points, Novartis now says.

Could Actelion and Cipla be next on Big Pharma's M&A takeover list?

Switzerland's Actelion has been on a winning streak of late, charting better-than-expected clinical trial results and beating analysts' earnings expectations thanks to fast-growing sales of its new blood pressure treatment. It's no wonder, then, that the company is a perennial subject of takeover rumors. But CEO Jean-Paul Clozel isn't interested in entertaining any deal offers.

Another hostile step for Valeant in its hot pursuit of Allergan

When it comes to their bid for Allergan, hostile isn't the preferred approach for Valeant and takeover partner Bill Ackman, CEO J. Michael Pearson told investors Tuesday. But it's the one the team is going with.