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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Baxter breaks in two, creating a $6B biotech business

Baxter International is the latest life sciences player to see better living through mitosis, unveiling a plan to separate its drug development arm from its sprawling med tech business in hopes of helping each grow faster.

AstraZeneca takes control of its destiny in Japan with buyout

Japan is the second largest drug market after the U.S., and Western drugmakers are giving it new attention as growth slows elsewhere. AstraZeneca has upped its bet there, paying Sumitomo Chemical about $102 million to buy full control of its Japanese subsidiary AstraZeneca KK.

Stryker finalizes $120M deal to snatch up a surgical sponge outfit

Hot on the trail of new M&A deals, Stryker finalized its acquisition of Patient Safety Technologies. The Kalamazoo, MI-based company paid $120 million for the medical device outfit, gaining access to Patient Safety's line of trackable surgical tools.

Sanofi reportedly jumps into $12B race for Merck's consumer unit

Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher may be reconsidering his November plans to spend just €1 billion to €2 billion per year on acquisitions. Rumor has it the drug giant is eyeing a bid for Merck's OTC unit, which could sell for up to $12 billion.

GE finalizes $1B Thermo Fisher Scientific deal, snatches up 3 business units

GE Healthcare completed its acquisition of three Thermo Fisher Scientific units. The $1.1 billion deal gives GE access to Thermo Fisher's profitable cell culture, gene modulation and magnetic bead businesses, helping the company expand its presence in protein analysis and medical diagnostics.

AMRI bets on manufacturing with $41M Cedarburg buyout

AMRI has inked a deal to trade $41 million for contract manufacturer Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals, looking to broaden its capabilities in the sector and home in on API production.

Risk-sharing researcher Evotec buys an academic pipeline

Germany's Evotec has signed a deal to buy up a biopharma asset management company and get its hands on some promising drug candidates, broadening its novel approach to the CRO game by adding some unpartnered assets to its stable of collaborations.

BioMérieux is eyeing a Siemens division, among other buy prospects

Not long after digesting its $450 million buyout of BioFire Diagnostics, bioMérieux seems to be on the hunt for another acquisition. Reuters reported recently that the French company is eyeing Siemens' microbiology unit.

Valeant's CEO, a crackerjack cost-cutter, seeks more 'fat' companies to buy

Back in January, Valeant Pharmaceuticals' CEO J. Michael Pearson couldn't say how he intended to reach his lofty goal of cracking the list of top 5 drugmakers worldwide. Now, he's offering new details about his acquisition blueprints, and they include deals in ophthalmology, dermatology and dentistry.

Horizon Pharma grabs Vidara and will head to tax-advantaged Ireland

Yet another U.S. drugmaker is headed to Ireland to enjoy the tax benefits. Horizon Pharma is doing a reverse merger with Vidara Therapeutics International in a deal that it says speeds its path to profitability. And where is Vidara based? Dublin.