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Latest Headlines

Allergan's brands deliver sales beat in a good sign for generics-free future

On Thursday, Allergan reported earnings for the first full quarter after the company--once known as Actavis--remade itself, buying up its current namesake and dubbing itself a "growth pharma."

Perrigo CEO: Think Mylan's buyout will come easily? Think again

Perrigo has stayed quiet since Teva dropped its hostile pursuit of Mylan, choosing instead to snap up Allergan's generics business for $40.5 billion. Mylan's shares plummeted on that news. And now, Perrigo has broken its silence--and the word isn't what Mylan wants to hear.

With $300M spent on potential split, Pfizer CEO now 'biased' toward branded M&A

Now that Hospira's in the bag, Pfizer execs have less of an appetite for M&A in their Established Products unit. That $16 billion deal gives Pfizer added heft in injectable generics, not to mention a solid biosimilars pipeline.

With more consolidation on tap in generics, who's next to buy and be bought?

Teva's $40.5 billion deal for Allergan's generics business, announced last week, was just the latest to hit a rapidly consolidating generics industry. And while the M&A bug is sweeping through the wider pharma industry, in generics, there's an added factor pushing copycats to join hands.

Baxalta to Shire: We're young, we're just starting to grow, and we're rejecting your buyout offer

On Tuesday, Shire went public with a $30 billion bid for Baxalta that had already been rejected once. And the second time around, Baxalta had the same answer: It's not happening.

Shire CEO Ornskov faces a tough slog in quest to acquire Baxalta

Baxalta execs didn't like the idea of a $30 billion all-share Shire buyout when they heard it the first time on July 10--and they didn't warm to it at all when Shire decided to go public with the offer Tuesday morning.

Philips on the hunt for more deals amid HealthTech refocus

Royal Philips has been on the dealmaking circuit since separating out its lighting business last year, scouting out partnerships and hospital contracts to beef up its new consumer healthcare unit. And the company is hungry for more M&A, working with Bank of America to scout out medical device acquisitions to bolster its offerings.

Deal-minded Shire offers $30B for new spinoff Baxalta in public bid

Shire announced on Tuesday that it put forth a bid of about $30 billion for Baxter spinoff Baxalta on July 10--just 9 days after Baxalta went solo--and now it's taking the offer to shareholders to spur the company to the bargaining table.

UPDATED: Shire goes public with a $30B bid to acquire Baxalta, expand rare-disease pipeline

After getting stiff-armed by the newly independent management at Baxter's biotech spinoff Baxalta, Shire is going public with its offer to acquire the company for $30.6 billion in shares. The deal marks Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov's play to make a landmark acquisition that can vault the company into the big leagues, after being left at the altar last year by AbbVie.

We warned you, Depomed: Horizon pushes down hostile path

Horizon Pharma is done playing nice in its quest to nab Depomed. Now that its target has dismissed its updated buyout bid, it's charging full-force into hostile pursuit.