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Latest Headlines

Matchmaking investors pick Biogen, Pfizer as fave Allergan deal partners

Who should serial buyer Allergan pick up next? It's the question on the minds of many industry watchers--including Evercore ISI analyst Umer Raffat, who polled investors last week. And while there are lots of possibilities floating around, his respondents seem to have a pair of potential deals in mind.

Who should be next on Allergan's buyout list? We want your votes

Allergan has been on quite the buyout spree lately, and with $40.5 billion coming in from Teva in exchange for its generics unit, it's about to settle some debt and get back to the dealmaking table. Who's next on CEO Brent Saunders' list, though, is anyone's guess, and we want to know what you think.

Shire might dial up its $30B Baxalta offer, but not without more info

Shire may consider upping its pitch for Baxalta, but first it needs more details on the financial future of its target.

Proxy adviser ISS slams Mylan's Perrigo bid, flagging 'unreasonable uncertainties'

On Wednesday, a pair of proxy advisers recommended that Mylan shareholders support the company's quest to bag Irish target Perrigo. But not ISS.

Shire raise its $30B Baxalta bid? It's going to need some details first

Earlier this week, Baxalta CEO Ludwig Hantson called Shire's $30 billion bid for his company a "lowball" offer, urging shareholders instead to look to Baxalta's standalone growth prospects. But before Shire raises its proposal, it needs some more details on just what those are.

CRO giant WuXi is going private in a $3.3B deal

WuXi PharmaTech, China's largest CRO, agreed to a $3.3 billion buyout deal that would take it off of Wall Street and into the hands of some private investors.

Proxy advisers back Mylan's Perrigo quest as investor vote looms

Mylan hopes its shareholders vote in favor of its hostile bid for Ireland's Perrigo. And it got a boost on Wednesday that may help convince them to do so at a shareholder meeting later this month.

Horizon bows to Depomed's demands with new bid--but adds demands of its own

Last month, Depomed criticized a sweetened, $33-per-share buyout offer from Horizon, claiming the all-stock proposal was "opportunistic" and took advantage of share-price fluctuations. So Horizon is doing something about it.

Roche bags antibiotics diagnostics tech in $425M GeneWeave buyout

With Roche's R&D arm stepping back into antibiotics development, the pharma giant has struck a $425 million deal--with $190 million upfront--to buy a U.S. diagnostics outfit that's been developing some rapid-fire tech for matching the right antibiotic with the right bug.

Perrigo makes last-minute investor pitch as Mylan lays out Plan B

There's just over two weeks left until Mylan's shareholders vote on its proposed hostile takeover of Perrigo, and the Irish target is using the time to meet with shareholders of both companies. Right now, its leaders feel "good about where they stand," according to Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal--but there are some question marks hanging over them, too.