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Latest Headlines

Big Mylan shareholder Abbott backs Mylan's Perrigo buy

Mylan can breathe a little easier knowing it has support from its largest shareholder in its quest to pick up Perrigo. After all, it's not just a big buyout at stake--but the opportunity to thwart its own unwanted takeover by generics rival Teva.

Pulmatrix hits Wall Street with $10M and a Mylan deal

Respiratory biotech Pulmatrix has completed its nontraditional path to the public markets, closing a merger with upstart Ruthigen to inherit a Nasdaq listing, at the same time banking $10 million and partnering up with generics giant Mylan.

Teva amps up Mylan stake again, winning agenda rights for upcoming annual meeting

In their last letter to Mylan Chairman Robert Coury, Teva's leaders made it explicitly clear: They're proceeding down their takeover path whether Mylan likes it or not. And they took another step forward this week, further hiking Teva's stake in their target.

Synexus looks to widen its footprint after $128M PE deal

Months after changing hands in a $128 million deal, CRO Synexus is gearing up for growth, looking to expand its geographic reach and areas of expertise.

Bayer inks long-awaited deal to shed its diabetes biz

Industry watchers are keeping a close eye on Bayer's big divestment plans, which involve jettisoning its plastics unit before mid-2016. But meanwhile, it's getting a jump on the slim-down process with the sale of its diabetes care business.

Receptos rises on deal chatter, with AstraZeneca, Teva and Gilead in the mix

A rash of unnamed-source reports claim Receptos has shaken off multibillion-dollar advances from some of the world's biggest drugmakers, sending the San Diego biotech's shares ever higher as it advances its autoimmune treatment.

KKR-backed Panasonic Healthcare to buy Bayer diabetes device biz for almost $1.2B

The long-rumored sale of Bayer's diabetes device business to Panasonic Healthcare looks like it's finally coming to fruition after speculation stretching back at least to early this year. Bayer has said it will sell its Diabetes Care business to Panasonic Healthcare for €1.022 billion ($1.16 billion) in a deal expected to close during the first quarter of next year.

Teva 'unclear'? Please, its leaders write. It's Mylan that's keeping investors in the dark

Watch who you're calling "unclear," Mylan. That's the message Teva's leaders had for their takeover target's chairman, Robert Coury, in a response to recent accusations that their company is "playing games" with its deal talk.

The latest Shire buyout rumor: An $18.9B bid for Actelion

Acquisitive drugmaker Shire made a £12.4 billion ($18.9 billion) overture for Switzerland's Actelion, according to The Sunday Times, an offer that reportedly failed to entice the biotech's board.

Orphan drugmaker Sobi tells potential buyer to take a walk

Specialty drugmaker Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (Sobi) has given the cold shoulder to a potential buyer, that may or may not be Pfizer, who was not giving it the kind of financial appreciation that it believes it deserves. But given the frenetic M&A market, an analyst says it is probably just a matter of time before someone snaps up the orphan drugmaker.