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Latest Headlines

Smith & Nephew closes U.S. facility, sells another in U.K. with 100+ to be laid off

Last week, Smith & Nephew announced it was laying off 108 employees due to the closure of its St. Petersburg, FL, operations, saying the advanced wound care business would be better off if it operated in a single location in Fort Worth, Texas. This week it sold its Gilberdyke, England, factory, saying it would manufacture polyurethane films for its wound dressings from the nearby Kingston upon Hull facility instead.

Interpol: Organized crime, aware of weak points, targets counterfeit drugs

Organized crime has moved into selling counterfeit and compromised prescription drugs in Europe, exploiting the mishmash of customs laws and weak points in some border protection. Those weaknesses allowed the "Mafia" to get fake manifests, use suspect wholesalers, and sell counterfeits of Roche's Herceptin and other cancer drugs across Europe.

Zimmer once again gives European regulators more time to rule on Biomet deal

The European Commission was scheduled to rule on Zimmer's planned acquisition of fellow orthopedics company Biomet by March 11. Now the deadline has been extended by a "limited number of days," Zimmer says.

EU's top regulator canned on a technicality

The European Medicines Agency didn't follow procedure when it appointed Executive Director Guido Rasi, a court has ruled, forcing the continent's top drug regulator to step down and sending the organization scrambling for answers.

EMA director Rasi sidelined by complaint from colleague who wanted his job

For three years, Guido Rasi has been Europe's top pharma regulator, moving aggressively to restore the image of the European Medicines Agency. But his future there is now in doubt, sidelined by a colleague who was miffed that he was not picked for the job himself, the Financial Times reports.

U.K. dilutes R&D tax break, EU backs €200M in startup loans, Boehringer jilts KDEV's Athera

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, the United Kingdom yielded to pressure to change its patent box policy. The policy was part of what attracted Pfizer to AstraZeneca, but other countries--notably Germany--were less enamoured with the initiative. And more.

Spain's Exeltis gets two plants in Turkey with deal for Embil

The biotech arm of Spain's Grupo Chemo earlier this year bought a contract manufacturer in Spain specializing in monoclonal antibodies as part of its ambitions to produce biosimilars. Now its pharma division will get two manufacturing plants in Turkey and a portfolio of products with an acquisition there.

Police probe wholesalers for selling subsidized drugs outside of Spain

In what is shaping into a major pharma supply chain scandal in Spain, investigators have accused one of the country's largest wholesalers of diverting millions of euros' worth of drugs subsidized by the government to the black market.

Shire's tax model under scrutiny, KDEV cozies up to Asian conglomerate, Onxeo heads to PhIII

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, after a brief post-AbbVie deal lull in discussion of Shire's tax rate, the Irish-headquartered drugmaker found its financial structures in the headlines once again when The Guardian made it the centerpiece of an investigation into the role Luxembourg plays in global tax schemes.

'Ambulance drone' for delivering defibrillation could someday save lives

Drones are used to kill bad guys in war zones, but graduate student Alex Momont wants to use them to save lives. He has developed a prototype drone capable of flying to the rescue of heart attack victims by delivering a defibrillator to the site much faster than an ambulance.