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Latest Headlines

Google creates new cash source for European biotech IT startups with $100M VC fund

After weeks of increasingly confident media speculation, Google has confirmed it is setting up an outpost of its venture capital wing in Europe. And with a brief to follow a similar strategy to the U.S. team that invested in Flatiron Health, DNAnexus and other biotech IT startups, the $100 million fund is a new source of capital for European life science innovators.

U.K. pols ready for Pfizer's return, AZ cozies up to EU academia, Israeli biotech upsizes IPO

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, no politicians are rushing to Shire's rescue as it attempts to fend off AbbVie, but lawmakers in the United Kingdom are readying their strategies for the next time they do decide to intervene. And more.

Global CMOs tipped to enter Russia as local drug production deadline nears

While geopolitical instability in Eastern Europe would appear to make Russia a risky bet, the size of the market and incoming targets on drug production mean the likes of Abbott Laboratories are still investing. For companies unwilling or unable to strike deals like Abbott's $495 million buyout of Veropharm, a new option is tipped to emerge: CMOs.

U.K. commits cash to $24.7M industry-focused formulation center

Another piece of the United Kingdom's push to create a National Formulation Centre fell into place this week when a state-funded group joined with industry to commit £14.4 million ($24.7 million) to a product and process design facility. The new site will support companies with the development, prototyping and scale-up of formulated products.

Row over IT focus of Europe's brain project prompts 280 scientists to threaten a boycott

Two hundred eighty scientists have signed an open letter threatening to boycott Europe's Human Brain Project. The scientists have fundamental concerns about exactly what Europe is trying to achieve with its €1 billion ($1.4 billion) budget.

Shire laments hole in EU food chain, Late-stage hit for GSK & Genmab, Lundbeck drug flunks PhIII

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly EuroBiotech Report. With the battle for investor support in the AbbVie-Shire takeover tug of war heating up, the Ireland-headquartered biopharma has played up its European roots and rare position in the region as a mid-sized company. And more.

Merck takes to Europe with its promising PD-1 cancer drug

Merck is racing to be first on the market among contenders in the PD-1 field of cancer therapy, and the European Medicines Agency has agreed to review its pembrolizumab as a treatment for advanced melanoma.

EU smiles on a key cog in Bristol-Myers' hep C combo

European regulators are recommending approval for Bristol-Myers Squibb's daclatasvir, an hepatitis C-fighting antiviral that plays a key role in the company's planned combo treatment.

Woodford buys $50M Prothena stake, Shire lacks 'British gem' status, French biotechs raise €100M

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly EuroBiotech Report. We lead this week on news that Neil Woodford's much-discussed fund is starting to take shape, with a $50 million (€36.8 million) investment in Elan-spinoff Prothena among its first batch of positions. And more.

Abbott gets EU go-ahead for implant in aging eyes

Cataracts are big business for Abbott. It's ready to roll out the latest in its line of implantable Tecnis lenses in Europe after recently receiving a CE Mark for the product, which will be used to treat cataract patients who may also have a diminished ability, due to aging, to focus on near objects (presbyopia).