Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AZ may be too expensive for Pfizer, Orexo to up reliance on partners, Santhera raises cash

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, data on the antibiotic AstraZeneca is developing with Actavis' Forest Laboratories and some oncology compounds have burnished AstraZeneca's pipeline, a development that means the Anglo-Swedish drugmaker may now be too expensive to be attractive to Pfizer. And more.

NeuroSearch convicted of stock manipulation, VBL IPO unravels, Prosensa plans EMA filing

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, a court convicted NeuroSearch of stock price manipulation and imposed a fine of DKK 5 million ($0.9 million) more than four years after NeuroSearch published the clinical trial results--and subsequent reappraisal--that caused its stock to surge and slump. And more.

Smaller med techs suffer under excise tax burden

Although the biggest med tech companies likely pay the bulk of the reported $1.4 billion in excise taxes levied on the industry during its first year in 2013, the tax adds to an already heavy burden for small and midsized companies.

Baxter to add recombinant protein processing suite at Singapore plant

In the 11 years since the Singapore government created a biologics CMO to kickstart the local sector, a who's who of biopharma manufacturers have opened plants in the country. Baxter is among the latest to set up shop in Singapore and is already pushing ahead with expansion plans.

Roche commits to Danish RNA lab, £3B London incubator hits go, Biotechs in post-IPO slump

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, Roche took another step back into RNA, striking a $450 million (€335 million) deal to acquire Santaris Pharma and committing to making the Danish biotech's lab its RNA therapeutics research unit. And more.

Almirall seeks dermatology deals, Euro biotech IPOs fall short, Cellectis increases CAR-T focus

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, the last week of July was a massive one for European biotech IPOs, with BioBlast Pharma, Innocoll, Macrocure, Mapi Pharma and VBL Therapeutics all heading to the Nasdaq. All of the companies struggled though. And more.

Merck KGaA to cut carbon dioxide emissions at Darmstadt site

Germany's Merck KGaA is expanding its headquarters and manufacturing operations in Darmstadt, Germany. On Monday, Merck said it is investing about €27 million (about $36.3 million) to build two power plants that it says will provide more power more efficiently, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the area.

Cancer experts warn EU data law could 'halt' research

With the European Parliament's summer break causing progress on new General Data Protection Regulations to stop, cancer experts have taken the opportunity to criticize the proposal. Opponents of the changes warn they could make it practically impossible for researchers to access patient data for cancer research.

Big Pharma to share abandoned drugs, Actelion M&A rumors resume, Gaza war threatens IPOs

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, events in Gaza and Ukraine have cast a shadow over Europe, with sections of the Israeli biotech industry among the many groups indirectly affected by the fighting. And more.

U.K. gov names ex-biotech VC as life sci chief, Genfit's stock jumps, Woodford backs biotechs

In this week's EuroBiotech Report, the U.K. government underlined the importance it places on life sciences--and the jobs it brings--by creating a position dedicated to the industry, which is being filled by George Freeman, the former biotech venture capitalist who has shaped the government's life sciences strategy. And more.