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Latest Headlines

India's Forus hauls in $8M for portable eye-screening device

Indian med tech startup Forus Health raised $8 million in Series B cash to expand the use of its 3nethra device, a low-cost eye scanner designed to help diagnose ophthalmic ailments in under-served regions.

Quest beefs up its Indian presence as stateside sales sag

Quest Diagnostics has made a great deal of headway in India over the past 6 years, as the oft-downgraded giant is looking to diversify its revenue sources in the face of reimbursement challenges at home.

India further tightens clinical trial rules as demand plummets

After years of allowing loosely regulated clinical trials that often put patients at risk, the Indian government has taken a 180-degree turn, now further strengthening its rules by mandating that ethics committees must be registered and accredited before a study can begin.

China plans to blacklist drugmakers for bribery; violators will be suspended

Chinese authorities say they will blacklist drugmakers caught bribing doctors and other health authorities--and those companies will be barred from selling their products, at first regionally, and then nationally for a second offense.

UPDATED: China suspends imports of Pfizer's antifungal Diflucan on a paperwork problem

Foreign drugmakers have had their fair share of struggles in China this year as the country looked to cut down on healthcare spending and root out bribery. But neither of those factors caused a Tuesday holdup of a Pfizer drug. Instead, the company is blaming a paperwork problem for an import suspension on antifungal drug Diflucan.

Hospira's India plant disappoints the FDA again

Hospira's Irungattukottai plant, which was tagged with an FDA warning letter in May, came up short of expectations during a recent follow-up inspection.

German Merck is among the companies fishing in Iran for more business

With the prospect of sanctions easing, drugmakers are sizing up the opportunities in Iran, and Merck KGaA and others intend to seize them.

Boston Scientific plots a major China expansion in the months to come

Boston Scientific is plowing ahead with major growth plans in China, despite regulatory, bureaucratic and competitive obstacles.

China rounds up hundreds in crackdown against drug counterfeiters

Chinese authorities warned 6 months ago that they were on the lookout for drug counterfeiters who often sell their fakes worldwide over the Internet. This weekend they made good on that threat, rounding up 1,300 people and confiscating $362 million worth of drugs and raw materials.

China rounds up counterfeiters as the FDA boosts its oversight there

After agreeing this month to allow the U.S. FDA to send more people there so it can boost its oversight of drug production, Chinese authorities this weekend reported rounding up 1,300 suspected counterfeiters and confiscating $362 million worth of fake drugs and raw materials.