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Latest Headlines

Celerion moves into Singapore amid Asian expansion

Lincoln, NE, CRO Celerion has opened up shop in Singapore, following through on its efforts to tap the fast-growing Asian market for clinical research.

Turkey's drugmakers expand manufacturing as market booms

Turkey is a fast-growing market expected to be worth about $22.8 billion by the end of 2015. Domestic drugmakers, along with Big Pharma, are expanding manufacturing there to keep up with demand.

GAVI nets $50M for Merck's Gardasil, GSK's Cervarix

Back in 2012, the GAVI Alliance announced plans to help immunize 30 million girls in 40 countries with HPV vaccines by 2020. Wednesday, the Children's Investment Fund Foundation chipped in toward that goal with a $25 million investment that will be matched through the U.K.'s Department of International Development.

Russia mulls taking $300M in state vaccine contracts local

Multinationals may lose some of their access to Russia's vaccines market thanks to pressure from state corporation Rosteh, with 11 billion rubles ($300 million) in state contracts at stake.

Sequoia raises $530M to invest in Indian tech and health startups

Having backed biotech IT businesses like Comprehend Systems and SV Bio in the U.S., high-profile venture firm Sequoia Capital has turned its attention to India. And with a $530 million fund to fuel its ambitions, the California-based VC shop could kick-start the tech and healthcare startup ecosystem in India and across Southeast Asia.

Chinese upstart takes aim at Illumina with homegrown DNA sequencer

Having seen off Roche's 454 Life Sciences and established a big lead over its remaining rivals, Illumina now faces a new challenger for the DNA sequencing market.

InSightec enters Chinese market with nonsurgical fibroid device

After winning approval in Canada for its ultrasound technology designed to destroy uterine fibroids, Israel's InSightec is now headed to China with with its ExAblate device.

GSK India exec sees growth fueled by Novartis vaccine assets

GlaxoSmithKline's emerging-market vaccines sales have seen better days, thanks to a $489 million bribery probe that recently led to the indictment of the company's former China head. But according to a local exec, good times are ahead for Glaxo's vaccines unit in India--and the company's recent pickup of Novartis' non-flu vaccine assets will help it get there.

U.K. fraud police launch GlaxoSmithKline probe in wake of China corruption charges

Ever since China began investigating GlaxoSmithKline's business practices last year, analysts have feared the British drug giant could get in big trouble in its home country, too. Their worries appear to be justified as Britain's Serious Fraud Office said today it had opened a criminal investigation.

China gives its official thumbs up to Sorin-MicroPort partnership

The Chinese government approved a joint venture between Italian cardiac device giant Sorin and MicroPort Scientific, paving the way for the new company to grab a share of the country's growing healthcare market.