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How vaccines helped India defeat polio while Pakistan became a reservoir for the virus

In 2002 India suffered 1,599 cases of polio, 17 times more than Pakistan experienced that year. Yet a little more than one decade later India has eradicated polio, while a city in Pakistan is being called the world's "largest reservoir" of the virus.

Harlan targets India with latest animal model expansion

Animal model specialist Harlan Laboratories is moving to expand its share of the Indian research market, planning to open its first breeding facility in the country.

Actavis selling China assets as it exits that country

Actavis CEO Paul Bisaro says the company has sold a China unit and is in talks to unload another, telling Bloomberg he has decided to retreat from a country that isn't worth all of the effort it requires.

Actavis is pulling out of China; CEO says it's 'not worth the aggravation'

Ask Actavis CEO Paul Bisaro about China and he'll tell you this: It's more trouble than it's worth. As  Bloomberg  reports, the generics maker is backing away from the Chinese market, despite forecasts of long-term drug-spending growth there.

Wockhardt hires a new compliance exec in the face of FDA bans

India's Wockhardt, facing a raft of regulatory issues from the U.S. and Europe, is beefing up its quality oversight with a new leader for its regulatory and compliance division.

Ranbaxy manufacturing drama continues with FDA action on API plant

The Ohm Laboratories plant in New Jersey is currently Ranbaxy's only facility able to turn out product for the U.S. market. Now the FDA has raised questions about manufacturing practices at the active pharmaceutical plant that supplies about 70% of the raw ingredients for U.S. production, Ranbaxy's facility in Toansa.

China corruption probe takes a turn into domestic drug distribution business

A probe by Chinese authorities into alleged corruption in its pharma industry initially focused on drug manufacturers, and Western companies at that. But with the announcement that the former vice president of China's largest drug distributor has been detained, it has moved down the supply chain and firmly into its domestic industry. It also involves a company in a piece of the industry that is key to foreign drugmakers and one that has been tricky for them to navigate.

Chinese corruption probe expands as officials detain a former Sinopharm exec

Back in September, EU leaders slammed China for targeting foreign drugmakers in its crackdown on pharma corruption. Chinese officials denied passing over domestic violations, and now, it seems, they're investigating a local company with full force: Shanghai authorities have detained a former vice president of local company Sinopharm, the country's biggest drug distributer, as part of a corruption probe.

Sorin finds a CRM partner in a bid to grab a bigger China foothold

Italian cardiac device giant Sorin will ally with a Chinese competitor to help it grab a stake in China's surging healthcare market.

India's Forus hauls in $8M for portable eye-screening device

Indian med tech startup Forus Health raised $8 million in Series B cash to expand the use of its 3nethra device, a low-cost eye scanner designed to help diagnose ophthalmic ailments in under-served regions.