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Latest Headlines

Takeda eyeing vaccinemakers as entry point to India

SINGAPORE-- Takeda Pharmaceutical has identified a handful of Indian vaccinemakers as targets for M&A or other deal structures as it gets ready to take a plunge into a market that saw rival Daiichi Sankyo find nothing but trouble, according to sources that have spoken to executives at the Japanese company.

U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Copaxone triggers questions in generics-minded India

The U.S. Supreme Court may have handed the Delhi High Court in India something else to ponder in mulling the use of compulsory licensing ahead of a possible hearing next month.

J&J faces sales, currency headwinds abroad in 2015

Johnson & Johnson was strongly hit by weaker currencies across Asia in the fourth quarter with the company struggling to hedge risk, indicating to executives that further impacts to the bottom line in these fast-growing markets are expected in 2015.

Alibaba's Jack Ma plows big bucks into Baiyunshan to boost China online drug sales

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co. ($600332) plans to raise RMB 10 billion ($1.6 billion) to fund its research and development programs and expand product distribution is banking on support from Yunfeng, a private equity firm co-founded by Jack Ma, chairman and founder of the Alibaba Group ($BABA).

MSF urges GSK, Pfizer to slash pneumococcal vaccine prices

The cost of vaccinating a child in the world's poorest countries is much higher than it was in 2001--68 times higher, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres. The international charity has a problem with that, and it's asking pneumococcal disease vaccine makers Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline to fix it.

Weak Unichem earnings cast shadow on Lupin, Mylan in India

SINGAPORE-- If Unichem Laboratories' third-quarter earnings report of net profits of only $334,316 (converted from Indian rupees) is any indication, Lupin and Mylan's India unit can soon be expected to reveal huge reductions for the period. They, Slovenian Krka and Teva Pharmaceutical were fined a total of $427.7 million last summer by the European Commission for allegedly accepting pay for delay from France's Servier.

India's Himachal Pradesh state eyes foreign investment in bulk drugs

India's state of Himachal Pradesh, known as Asia's pharmaceutical hub, is taking steps to make its bulk-drug industry more attractive to foreign and other investors, but finds attempting to do so a hard slog. The action, and that of other states, is considered key to reducing India's reliance on imports of active pharmaceutical ingredients, mainly from China.

Gilead to appeal India patent ruling on niche Sovaldi claim

Gilead Sciences said that an India patent office ruling on hepatitis C drug Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) only affects an application covering part of the active ingredient and that the larger validity of the uniqueness of the product remains intact as does a path-breaking patient access for the drug.

Gilead's Sovaldi the latest casualty in India's patent crusade

India's intellectual-property police nixed a key patent on Gilead Sciences' hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, opening the door for cheap generic copies from domestic drugmakers such as Natco Pharma. It's the latest blow to a multinational drugmaker's ambitions in India, which remains one of the fastest-growing drug markets in the world.

World's first inactivated Sabin polio vaccine approved by China FDA

China's FDA has awarded marketing approval of the world's first Sabin strain inactivated polio vaccine, marking a milestone as well for the Institute of Medical Biology of the Academy of Medical Sciences.