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Latest Headlines

West Pharmaceutical benefits from emerging market growth

Emerging markets have become more important for pharma, and that is no different for the companies that supply drugmakers. West Pharmaceutical Services, which makes packaging and delivery systems for sterile drug manufacturing, said international sales were a growth driver last year.

A French outfit focused on medical imaging components is making inroads in China

France's Acerde, which develops parts for X-ray tubes used in medical imaging, said it inked a development contract with an unnamed "China-based player " in the medical imaging space.

Novo Nordisk targets Mexico for early obesity drug launch

Novo Nordisk has its sights set on Mexico. The Danish drugmaker has put that country next on its list to debut liraglutide in its new guise as a weight-loss drug.

New plants in Middle East a testament to the region's emerging market status

The Persian Gulf is the newest emerging market for  Big Pharma, the  Wall Street Journal  reports. Drugmakers have jumped on that opportunity, as evidenced by the number of new plants and distribution facilities they are putting there.

What's Big Pharma's latest hot spot? The Middle East

Are the BRIC countries passé in Big Pharma? Not exactly. But multinational pharma's newest trend lies in the Persian Gulf, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Two major Dx players in Brazil are on the cusp of major changes

Two of the biggest players in Brazil's medical diagnostics industry are likely to confront major changes in the coming months-- both worth noting as global competitors seek to enter one of the largest emerging markets around.

Roche + Cancer Genetics will expand cancer molecular Dx testing into warmer waters

Roche's new extended partnership with Cancer Genetics will expand molecular diagnostic cancer testing in the Caribbean and Central America as part of a three-year deal.

AstraZeneca spares its WuXi-partnered drug in an R&D slash and burn

Pharma giant AstraZeneca has pulled the plug on a fleet of its in-development drugs but let live a rheumatoid arthritis treatment being co-developed with Chinese CRO giant WuXi PharmaTech.

UPDATED: Roche legal action messes with Mylan's India launch of its Herceptin biosimilar

Last year, Roche appeared to throw in the towel on its breast cancer drug Herceptin in India when it said it would not defend the patent there. But it has come back out swinging with a court action that has messed with this week's launch of a biosimilar from Mylan.

Singapore fling: AbbVie says a plant in Asia is just what it needs

Humira, the best-selling drug in the world, continues to power the top and bottom lines for the year-old pharma spinoff AbbVie. But the drugmaker has a pipeline of new products it is looking to get approved, and for that it says it needs some more production capacity.