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Latest Headlines

Place your bets: TCM, biotech asset reshuffles highlight Chinese deals

SINGAPORE-- Harbin Gloria Pharmaceuticals will pay RMB 2.39 billion to acquire an 85% stake in Shanxi Powerdone Pharmaceutics, one of two domestic deals in late January involving mainland firms reshuffling biotech assets and traditional Chinese medicines.

Shooting for $5B in sales, India's Lupin says it can actually hit U.S. launch goal this year

SINGAPORE-- Despite missing its target for bringing 15 to 20 drugs to the U.S. market last year, Lupin is optimistic enough about 2015 that it seeks possible acquisitions in Russia to expand its presence there.

U.S. FDA plans to double drug inspectors in India as marketing applications soar

The U.S. FDA is hiring new inspectors in India to tackle the high rate of marketing applications made by local firms, an agency official said.

Pakistan struggles to fill top spot at drug regulator as woes mount for industry

SINGAPORE-- Sometimes it must seem to Pakistan's health authorities they can do nothing right in regulating the nation's pharmaceutical industry.

Serum Institute gets Genticel's Vaxiclase tech to develop pertussis vaccine

With recent news of clinical trials for its low-cost HPV vaccine, the Serum Institute has already made waves in the world of Big Pharma. The India-based vaccinemaker is now gearing up to challenge the world's leading vaccinemakers in another area: pertussis.

India seeks to move barcode tracking on drugs further upstream

India's health ministry reportedly is drafting a requirement that pharmaceuticals carry barcodes at the primary level of packaging.

MicroConstants leverages Chinese Academy of Sciences antibody rights in license deal

MicroConstants China has signed a licensing agreement to gain the global rights for the development of AA98 antibody drug candidates from the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in a unique deal between academia and local industry.

India's IP stance in focus as TPP talks on drug trade policy drag on

When the just-ended New York negotiations failed to resolve drug-patenting and other intellectual property issues, the focus shifted to a ministerial-level meeting of the Trans-Pacific Partnership expected to take place in March. 

India jumps into the generic drug biz to compete with commercial players on price

SINGAPORE-- India's government is getting into the generic drug business. The state reportedly will launch its own brand, "Jan Aushadhi," on July 1, planning to sell up to 504 drugs on its "essential" list in direct competition with commercial drugmakers.

Sanofi ups diabetes game in India through hospital clinics, local production

France's Sanofi has taken dramatic steps to increase its diabetes-related presence in India with shades of Viehbacher plans.