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Latest Headlines

Israel's budding medical device industry begins to flower

Israel has a relatively small share of the global medical device industry now, but the country is poised for some real growth in the sector and can brag about a large number of patents in the space.

GSK signs up with DKSH to tap Hong Kong market

GlaxoSmithKline is turning to market-expansion contractors DKSH to push its antibiotic products in Hong Kong, part of the drugmaker's efforts to cash in on booming Asian demand.

Amgen forges Chinese JV for Vectibix

The China drug market is getting trickier but that is not stopping the big names of biotech and pharma from plowing ahead with tie-ups of various kinds to sell into the enormous market. Amgen today said it is ready to attack the Chinese market with one of its cancer drugs.

GlaxoSmithKline, Merck offer GAVI 95% discount on HPV vaccines

GlaxoSmithKline and Merck are slashing the prices of their HPV vaccinations in a deal with the GAVI Alliance, which delivers immunizations to the developing world.

GSK, Merck agree on HPV vax discount with GAVI

Social issues have held back uptake of GlaxoSmithKline and Merck human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines in the U.S., but globally the problem is more fundamental--the shots cost too much. It is these low-income countries--where 85% of cervical cancer cases occur--that need the vaccines most though.

Unhappy with price caps at home, Indian drugmakers eye more U.S. growth

It's no big secret that international drugmakers are miffed at India. Revoking a few drug patents and overriding others will do that. But India's own pharma companies have their own beef with government policy--namely government pricing policies.

Teva CEO plans to court Chinese market with generics, respiratory meds

Teva CEO Jeremy Levin thinks his company and China are a match made in heaven. The Israeli generics giant is, after all, adept at making and selling cheap drugs, which the fast-growing Chinese market needs. And Teva has a strong portfolio of respiratory treatments--perfect for a country beset by air pollution.

China backs its booming biopharma industry with big subsidies

China is in the middle of one of its 5-year economic plans, and it's got big plans for biopharma. China Daily reports that the sales revenue for the industry came close to $29 billion last year, up a whopping 18%. And the government is feeding about a half billion dollars in annual government support to keep the growth going at the same torrid pace.

Mindray soars in Q1 with 21% Dx growth

Mindray Medical, China's largest devicemaker, has been working to differentiate its business, and the effort paid off in the first quarter as the company's swelling diagnostics segment led the way to 10.5% revenue growth.

Sanofi sees Shantha Biotech's Shan5 back in 2014

When Sanofi bought an 80% stake in Indian vaccinemaker Shantha Biotech in 2009, the talk was of the deal accelerating growth in emerging markets.Things played out a little differently though.