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Latest Headlines

Plotting Asia expansion, Amgen blueprints plans for Shanghai research center

Under CEO Robert Bradway, Amgen made an Asian expansion one of its top priorities this year, and it's followed through with a decision to set up a new research center in Shanghai.

GlaxoSmithKline's China sales set for 30% hit, analysts figure

As third-quarter earnings season nears, analysts are totting up the potential losses in China. And for GlaxoSmithKline, at the heart of the pharma bribery scandal there, the damage to sales may run up to 30%.

Vietnam attracts some drug production despite challenges

Sanofi has decided it is worth building manufacturing capacity in Vietnam, a country with tremendous growth potential. But for all that upside, it is a market with big challenges when it comes to drug production.

Africa's growing market attracts Hikma to Ethiopia

South Africa has a well-established pharmaceutical industry, and North Africa is attracting more attention from Western drugmakers. But many countries in between have limited infrastructure or challenging political situations. Figuring out which have the potential to be emerging markets worth investing in can be a challenge. Jordan-based Hikma sees potential in Ethiopia.

Pharma suffers in China as widening scandal spooks docs, reps

There's no doubt the pharma bribery scandal has been bad for business in China. Just how bad? That remains to be seen. But in the meantime, Reuters reports that drugmakers are struggling to push their products--and explores how those problems might affect third-quarter results.

Hikma, partner to build $20M plant in Ethiopia

Hikma, which already has a strong foothold in North Africa, intends to invest deeper there. The Jordan-based company has created a joint venture in Ethiopia that will build a manufacturing plant.

'Zorro' claims Novartis' Alcon unit faked trials to bribe Chinese docs

The bribery allegations in China just keep on coming. Novartis' Alcon eyecare division now says it will investigate claims it used fabricated clinical trials to bribe doctors. The news is none too welcome for Novartis, which has already faced a set of bribery accusations in China.

Boston Scientific debuts teaching, R&D centers in China

Boston Scientific unveiled separate training and innovation centers in China this week, underscoring its focus on the surging country as a key part of its rehabilitation and renewed growth.

Germany's Bayer joins crowd of companies under Chinese investigation

Add Bayer to the list of companies Chinese authorities are investigating. Friday, a Bayer spokeswoman told  The Wall Street Journal China's probe has reached the German pharma for a "potential case of unfair competition" as the country's government continues its industry-wide crackdown.

KKR deal in Gland Pharma calls for $100M plant investment

A key element of a plan by KKR to invest in India's Gland Pharma is to boost its manufacturing capacity, and so significantly increase its earnings potential.