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Latest Headlines

Brazilian prize, Ache, said to be evaluating possible sale

With Western drugmakers sniffing around emerging markets in Latin America and elsewhere for the scent of a good deal, some companies there are weighing their futures, and their values, preparing themselves for the chase.

Pfizer cuts some more, closing R&D site in Singapore

As Pfizer continues to cut costs, it has just taken the ax to a clinical research facility in a market where others are beefing up, Singapore.

Biosensors Int'l, Terumo, will market Nobori stent in Japan

Switzerland's Biosensors International will work with Japan's Terumo to promote that company's Nobori drug-eluting stent in Japan.

China sends 7 to prison for producing toxic capsules

China has stepped up efforts to battle the counterfeits and the weak links in its API and drug supply industries that have tainted its reputation. It has raided unlicensed plants and made arrests, and now it has sent some of those involved to jail.

While BMS shops emerging markets brands, GSK wraps $900M buy in India

Two consumer health deals, two Big Pharma approaches toward emerging markets. While Bristol-Myers Squibb is looking around for buyers for a portfolio of consumer brands in Latin America, GlaxoSmithKline has staked another $900 million on the consumer health market in India.

New needle-free blood Dx targets anemia in India

An engineer in India has come up with an inexpensive needle free blood diagnostic that can help cheaply diagnose anemia, the Mumbai Mirror reports.

Indian clinical trials: Private group steps in to increase transparency

As India's government churns over the idea of tightening clinical trial regulations, a private industry group is entering the fold and launching a committee designed to improve transparency.

Cargo theft up dramatically in Mexico

Cargo theft of pharmaceuticals in Mexico is becoming more frequent and more costly.

Startup brings molecular diagnostics to India's swelling market

India's Core Diagnostics has acquired the technology and capital to provide high-tech assays, opening its New Delhi operation this week.

Teva, P&G start on OTC plant in India

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' efforts to streamline its manufacturing processes as it reshapes its destiny over the next several years haven't stopped progress on what is termed the world's largest over-the-counter manufacturing facility.