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Latest Headlines

Glaxo starts $153M plant in India

GlaxoSmithKline has started work on a new plant in India that is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the Bangalore area. In the interim, the company's investment for the tablet facility, which will incorporate continuous processing, has grown to £100 million from the £85 initially projected.

Roche CEO: Despite China worries, emerging markets will continue to deliver growth

Roche CEO Severin Schwan isn't worried about the company's progress in emerging markets. While the helmsman acknowledged a slowdown in China and currency issues in Brazil, the company is still on track to post growth in the long term, Schwan said in an interview with Bloomberg.

China FDA signs off on 3-D printed hip implants

The Chinese Food and Drug Administration approved 3-D printed hip implants in China, encouraging innovation amid an increasingly stringent regulatory environment.

Mega Lifesciences to expand in Indonesia on partnership with Sydna Farma

Thailand-based pharma manufacturer Mega Lifesciences is partnering with Sydna Farma of Singapore as part of its efforts to expand into Indonesia.

Researchers ready consumer STD-detecting, connected ring for Indiegogo in early 2016

An international entrepreneurial trio has developed a hand-worn ring that detects syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis--wirelessly transmitting the results to a smartphone or tablet in under one minute. Known as Hoope, the device has a retractable needle and an anesthetic system based on electrical pulses; it is slated to debut on crowdfunding site Indiegogo in January.

Big Pharma, rejoice: China aims to speed up approvals for new meds

Relations between China and foreign drugmakers have been thawing for a while, with the country announcing late last year that it would toss out restrictive price caps and streamline drug approvals for companies. Now, China is throwing multinational drugmakers another bone as it plans to reduce lengthy approval times for innovative drugs.  

Another Indian CRO draws the ire of Western regulators

An Indian CRO that counts Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Sanofi among its clients is under fire from the FDA for repeated quality control issues, the latest ding to the country's reputation as a go-to destination for outsourced drug development.

How slow can Big Pharma go in emerging markets?

Industry watchers have pointed to a slowdown in pharma's emerging markets growth as a worrying sign for companies that have been heavily targeting developing nations while the U.S. and European markets stagnate. But just how slow has the growth become?

Sisu to put emergency blood recycling device through trials later this year

Sisu Global Health, which specializes in developing medical devices tailored to meet a specific need in a community, will launch a clinical study later this year for a device that can recycle a patient's blood lost through traumatic internal bleeding.

Big Pharma feels the pain in China, with AZ delivering the only 10%-plus sales hike

Not so long ago, China was such a promising pharma market that drugmakers recruited hundreds of new sales reps to race after a share. But growth is slowing there now, and drug companies are feeling it.