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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca shrugs off pharma's emerging markets slowdown, but Lilly's suffering

After Q2's glacial emerging markets growth, industry watchers wondered just how slow pharma could go in developing countries. As it turns out, they found a way to decelerate in Q3.

Pfizer's Viagra market share in China challenged by Guangzhou Baiyunshan's 'golden spear'

Jin'ge (Chinese for "golden spear") from China's Guangzhou Baiyunshan is said to be on track to eclipse sales of Pfizer's Viagra in China in a few years with a price that is 60% less than the branded erectile dysfunction drug.

Will Glaxo's peers follow its anti-corruption lead in China?

GlaxoSmithKline, post-corruption scandal, has been working hard to clean up its act in China, overhauling its sales practices to wipe out bribery--and its general manager in the country, Hervé Gisserot, has said he expects to see other companies follow suit. But with sales hanging in the balance, some might not be sure just how to do that.

Sanofi, Shantha to supply polio vaccines for India's universal immunization scheme

India will join more than 110 countries that have introduced the inactivated polio vaccine to their calendars. Sanofi and its Indian affiliate, Shantha Biotechnics, will supply polio vaccines to the Indian government via UNICEF. The vaccines will be used in India's universal immunization program.

Russia amps up spending on locally made meds to spur Big Pharma production

Russia has a lot of purchasing muscle, but few local producers when it comes to pharmaceuticals, and so officials have cooked up a plan to lure more foreign pharma partners. The government will boost its spending on locally made drugs, hoping to inspire Big Pharma to set up production in the country.

GSK's anticorruption overhaul in China may be hobbling sales

Since Chinese officials slapped GlaxoSmithKline with a $489 million fine on bribery charges, the company has overhauled its sales practices to quash corruption. But some say its reforms could hurt its top line at a time when the company's already suffering.

Merck KGaA rolls out big plans for expansion in Africa

Merck KGaA has been turning to emerging markets to deliver a much-needed boost to business, targeting China and Latin America as areas ripe for growth. Now the German pharma is turning its sails toward Africa, planning to expand its presence on the continent over the next 5 years as part of its comeback story.

PRA expands in Singapore with eyes on Asian growth

PRA Health Sciences is moving into a bigger space in Singapore, consolidating its operations there and looking to boost its share of the growing market for clinical research in Asia.

Philips to launch pneumonia Dx wearable to prevent child deaths in poorer countries

Almost one million childhood deaths are attributed to pneumonia annually, leading UNICEF to issue a call in 2011 for product innovation to create a respiratory monitor. Now, Royal Philips is almost ready to launch its Children's Automated Respiration Monitor that is designed to address those needs.

Entrepreneur aims to conquer Indian diagnostics market and expand into Africa too

Ameera Shah is founder of India's Metropolis Healthcare, a diagnostics company focused on that fast-growing economy, as well as some African countries.