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Latest Headlines

Ergomed signs up to share costs, profits of Cel-Sci drug

In a novel deal, U.K. CRO Ergomed has hitched up with Cel-Sci for a Phase III trial of its head and neck cancer drug, but instead of just handling the study, Ergomed is putting up $30 million to fund development in exchange for single-digit royalties from the treatment.

Rival giants team on diabetes as Merck partners with Pfizer on SGLT2 combo

Jockeying for a leading position in the high-stakes race to develop a new generation of blockbuster diabetes drugs, Merck is hitching a ride with Pfizer's late-stage SGLT2 candidate, ertugliflozin (PF-04971729).

Verastem gears up for companion Dx mesothelioma treatment trial

Verastem's quest to develop drugs that block cell signaling pathways that cancer stem cells need to survive hits a major milestone in mid-2013, when it launches a 350-patient clinical trial of a potential companion biomarker test for its investigative mesothelioma drug treatment.

MedImmune chief taps top prospects, hunts new biologics deals

Last year AstraZeneca's MedImmune did about 20 biologics deals, not counting the academic pacts it assembled. Bahija Jallal, head of R&D, tells FierceBiotech  there will be no letup in talent scouting: "If we do as little or more than last year, I would be happy."

Shunned Gilead/Bristol-Myers hep C combo may be too good for docs to ignore

Rival drug combination works to perfection for toughest hep C patient group, and some patients and doctors appear willing to consider taking matters into their own hands.

NIH stops HIV vaccine trial after immunizations fail

The federal government has put the brakes on the largest and most advanced study of a vaccine against HIV infection after an independent data and safety monitoring board found that the vaccine regimen did not benefit patients.

Key biomarker measure + CT scan predict melanoma survival odds

Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center accurately gauged whether antiangiogenic treatments are working in melanoma patients by using CT imaging combined with measurements of a key biomarker.

Indian clinical trials plunge amid increased scrutiny

India's government is struggling to crack down on loosely regulated clinical trials that have killed hundreds of patients around the country, and while it's unclear if its efforts have made the process safer, they've certainly slowed things down.

India's clinical trial industry shrivels in wake of safety controversy

With new regulations in place following a hullaballoo over the number of deaths recorded in drug studies, it appears as if the once-thriving clinical trial business is barely registering a heart beat.

Civitas Parkinson's drug improves motor fluctuations in Phase II trial

Alkermes spinout Civitas Therapeutics today reported positive topline results from a Phase II clinical trial of its Parkinson's drug CVT-301, which uses a respiratory delivery system to provide quick relief to patients experiencing motor fluctuations common to long-term treatment of the disease.