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Latest Headlines

Ocular Therapeutix dives after a double dose of clinical disappointment

Ocular Therapeutix watched its share price fall nearly 40% on Friday after a pair of clinical trials came up short of success, clouding the future for two pipeline therapies.

Genocea puts pneumococcal vaccine on back burner following PhII failure

On the heels of successful Phase II data for its genital herpes candidate, Genocea reported that its pneumococcal vaccine missed the mark in Phase II.

Bluebird shares dented after gene therapy patient experiences a setback

Shares of bluebird bio took a hit midday Monday after the closely watched biotech noted that one of the patients in a pioneering gene therapy study for beta-thalassemia required two blood transfusions after demonstrating symptoms of anemia following 7 years of being transfusion-free.

Lilly and Incyte's oral arthritis drug tops Humira in a big Phase III trial

A new pill from Eli Lilly and Incyte beat AbbVie's injectable Humira, the world's top-selling drug, in a Phase III rheumatoid arthritis trial, setting the stage for an FDA submission.

University of Maryland HIV vaccine candidate enters human trials

Working at the direction of esteemed HIV researcher Dr. Robert Gallo, a University of Maryland team is taking its HIV vaccine candidate to human trials. In doing so, it's joining a race that has seen no shortage of attention of late as organizations near and far have worked to battle the virus' challenging characteristics.

Analysts, experts write off Merck's huge anacetrapib PhIII

Three years ago, Eli Lilly heart specialist Jeffrey Riesmeyer scoffed at the notion that the failure of CETP inhibitors at Roche and Pfizer was a bad sign for their big Phase III program for evacetrapib. Evacetrapib wound up proving that Lilly was dead wrong about its theory.

Lilly pulls the plug on a would-be blockbuster in its latest pipeline peril

Eli Lilly is shutting down a massive, costly clinical trial after its lead drug came up short in cardiovascular disease, dealing a major blow to the company's pipeline.

With FDA 'breakthrough' in hand, Eli Lilly shoots for accelerated abemaciclib OK

Eli Lilly's would-be rival to Pfizer's Ibrance (palbociclib) just gained an inside track at the FDA. Regulators handed Lilly the coveted "breakthrough therapy" designation for abemaciclib, another CDK 4/6 inhibitor with big plans for carving out a niche among patients with advanced breast cancer.

Positive PhIII leaves Neurocrine lining up for an FDA filing for tardive dyskinesia

Neurocrine Biosciences says its experimental drug for tardive dyskinesia hit the primary endpoint in a Phase III study, setting up a near-term application with the FDA and spurring a 28% spike in the biotech's share price in premarket trading.

Merck-partnered Euroscreen raises €16M to support IND filing

Euroscreen has topped up its bank balance to support the globalization of its clinical trial program. The €16 million ($18 million) round will allow the G-protein coupled receptor specialist to file an IND and advance ongoing Phase II trials of its lead candidate in women's health diseases.