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Latest Headlines

Catalent inks a biosimilar alliance with a Chinese drugmaker

Catalent has signed a deal to lend its biologics development technology to China's Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceuticals and help the drugmaker get working on copies of some top-selling drugs.

India's Lupin queues up for a share of the biosimilar boom

With some of its larger rivals already at work on biotech knockoffs, Indian drugmaker Lupin is on the hunt for partners to help shepherd it into the biosimilar fray, taking aim at top-selling treatments soon to come off patent.

InVentiv amps up its biosimilar efforts with latest deal

As demand for biosimilar development swells around the world, CRO inVentiv Health has teamed up with Australia's Proteomics International to expand its characterization services, an effort to boost its capabilities in early work on biologic knockoffs.

Merck takes aim at Sanofi with a Lantus biosimilar of its own

Sanofi and its top-selling Lantus may have bought some time last month with a legal wrench in Eli Lilly's spokes, but now Merck has bulldozed its way into the conversation with plans to kick off late-stage studies for its own knockoff of the blockbuster drug, further complicating an already heated fight.

BioOutsource doubles its capacity in a bet on a biosimilar boom

As more and more massive-selling biologics lose their patent protection, a new class of biosimilars is poised to blow up around the world, and the U.K.'s BioOutsource is amping up its capabilities to prepare for the boom.

Tufts: Big Pharma bets its future on a swelling pipeline of biologics

As of last year, biotech products accounted for 71% of the revenue generated by the top 10 pharmaceutical-biotech products, according to a new report from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development.

Industry Voices: Biosimilars take center stage in 2013

Daniel Galbraith By Daniel Galbraith 2013 was a landmark year for the development of biosimilars. With the global acceptance of biosimilars--also called "follow-on biologics" or...

Biosimilars developer Celltrion defends against allegations of insider trading

Celltrion executives are manning the defenses this morning, insisting that the Korean biosimilars company did nothing wrong while confirming that they've fielded regulatory queries about possible insider trading. The allegations come at a particularly awkward time for Celltrion.

Remicade knockoff delivers pioneering antibody biosimilar OK for Hospira, Celltrion

Today the European Commission made healthcare history with its first approval of a biosimilar antibody--Inflectra (infliximab)--which was developed by Korea's Celltrion and will be sold by generics powerhouse Hospira. But the companies don't expect to file for U.S. approval until 2015 as they wait for the FDA to finalize its regulatory pathway.

Patient advocacy or Amgen's blockbuster protection act? Biosimilars bills advance

Amgen has won a key victory in its coast-to-coast campaign to persuade state legislatures to require a pharmacist to notify doctors any time they substitute a biosimilar for a branded biologic.