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UPDATED: Hedge fund's attack on troubled Zafgen draws blood

These days, while success and victory still have 1,000 fathers, failure and defeat have its outspoken champions as well.

Crippled by 2 deaths, Zafgen says obesity drug cut weight in PhIII

With its clinical development program for a new obesity drug in limbo following the unexplained deaths of two patients, Zafgen reported today that the troubled Phase III study hit its co-primary efficacy endpoints in treating a rare eating disorder.

Zafgen slammed again on 'complete hold' order following 2nd trial death

Just hours after Zafgen reported that a second patient had died in its pivotal study for the obesity drug beloranib, the biotech announced that the FDA had put a "complete hold" on the study. Under the order the biotech is required to halt all clinical work on the drug as regulators and investigators explore potential safety issues.

UPDATED: Zafgen shares crash after second patient in pivotal obesity study dies

Six weeks after Zafgen finally broke an uncomfortable silence and acknowledged that a patient taking its experimental obesity drug beloranib had died, the company is reporting that a second patient has died--this time from bilateral pulmonary emboli.

Zafgen wraps troubled beloranib studies early as death probe continues

Forced to at least temporarily delay the clinical development of its obesity drug beloranib as it explores the reasons why a patient in a late-stage study died, Zafgen has decided to simply wrap up the randomized portion of two studies early and analyze the data it has now.

Zafgen hammered (again) as FDA clamps partial hold on PhIII obesity drug

Two days after belatedly acknowledging the death of a patient in its Phase III study of the obesity drug beloranib, Zafgen put out word this morning that the FDA had imposed a partial clinical hold on the trials underway in the program. The hold will require added time to complete special patient screening, and the news blasted its already battered share price, which swiftly plunged 26%.

Zafgen finally breaks its silence, says it's probing death of a patient

More than two days after Zafgen's stock started to get crushed under the heavy weight of speculation surrounding its sudden decision to cancel a roadshow presentation to investors, the biotech has finally revealed that a patient died in its late-stage study of its lead obesity drug for Prader-Willi syndrome.

UPDATED: Zafgen shares continue to slide on market fears

With investors spooked at the sudden cancellation of an RBC Capital roadshow appearance slated for today, Zafgen's shares plunged 35% on Monday and another 7% on Tuesday morning.

Zafgen's obesity drug hits the mark in orphan disease trial

Zafgen's in-development obesity treatment led to significant weight loss in patients with obesity triggered by a brain injury, meeting its goals and sending the biotech's shares up nearly 8%.

Zafgen's promising obesity drug comes through in another midstage trial

Zafgen charted a third major victory for its in-development obesity drug, spurring weight loss for patients who have endured brain injuries and stoking hopes for success in Phase III.