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Latest Headlines

Tuberculosis cocktail stirs hopes for quick cures in patients with HIV

A new three-drug combo treatment for tuberculosis better eradicated the disease than standard therapy in a midstage trial, showing particular promise for patients with HIV as it rolls into Phase III development.

Serum targets Merck, Sanofi stronghold with TB vax deal

Serum Institute of India has a history of winning shares in established vaccine markets by undercutting the competition. And now it has bought the rights to a tuberculosis vaccine it believes can beat shots by Merck and Sanofi on effectiveness, as well as cost.

Sequella scouts $38M round after nabbing Pfizer antibiotic

Rockville, MD-based Sequella has snagged global rights to a mid-stage antibiotic from Pfizer, which has been jettisoning programs that don't fit squarely into its core disciplines following a top-to-bottom restructuring of its big pipeline. And the biotech says it's on its way to rounding up a $38 million C round to fund a pivotal study for its new therapy.

Despite setback, TB vaccine study is a step in the right direction

While a closely watched study of Gates-backed TB vaccine MVA85A failed to produce the desired results to guard against infection in infants, a dozen more vaccine candidates are being tested in humans. Regardless of results, the first efficacy trial of a new TB vaccine is a milestone.

Bitter setback as TB vaccine fails to protect infants in key study

A closely watched study of a new Gates-backed tuberculosis vaccine--MVA85A--failed to deliver desperately hoped-for data that it could guard infants against the lethal disease. Investigators said the jab failed to prove that it had a comparable effect as that seen in a study involving adults.

Gates-backed TB vaccine trial faces moment of truth

The global fight against tuberculosis is about to yield some big news. Next week researchers are reporting results a mid-stage study of the leading next-generation vaccines against TB, with supporters from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and elsewhere hoping for a breakthrough for populations at risk of infection.

J&J wins accelerated OK for first new TB drug in 40 years

On the last day of the year the FDA came through with a rapid-fire approval of Johnson & Johnson's bedaquiline, the first new treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis in four decades.

TB vaccine tested in infants of HIV-positive mothers

University of Cape Town's South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative and Stellenbosch's Desmond Tutu TB Centre are recruiting infants to test a new tuberculosis vaccine for newborns of HIV-positive moms, a demographic not served by the current vaccine.

IDRI fetches $10M from Gates Foundation for adjuvant research

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $10 million to Seattle, WA-based IDRI for formulating new and improved vaccine adjuvants, focusing predominantly on tuberculosis.

Johnson & Johnson unit wins FDA panel backing for new tuberculosis therapy

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen has taken a step closer to gaining approval for the first new way of combating tuberculosis in decades. And an FDA advisory committee voted 18-0 in favor of efficacy of the experimental med, bedaquiline, for combating multidrug-resistant cases of the infection.