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Latest Headlines

Biotech Tranzyme mulls potential sale after R&D face plants

After key clinical trials failed last year, troubled Tranzyme is seeking "strategic alternatives" for its business. On the table are potential options such as a merger or company sale--anything to bring value to shareholders.

Tranzyme takes a beating after scuttling another drug study

Research Triangle Park, NC-based Tranzyme offered another bitter pill for its investors today. The biotech says it is discontinuing a Phase IIb study of its lead drug for diabetic patients suffering from gastroparesis after concluding that the treatment--TZP-102--failed to deliver the needed efficacy.

Tranzyme shares crash after another key clinical trial failure

Tranzyme--named a Fierce 15 company back in 2005--has had a rough run these past two years. The company was forced to offer a big discount when it went public in 2011. And the failure of the GI drug program in the spring triggered a meltdown in its share price.

WSJ analysis offers a bleak outlook for new biotech IPOs

The Wall Street Journal offers its own bleak assessment of the biotech IPO market this morning, reviewing a string of disappointing offerings capped by Tranzyme's decision to cut its price from the

Tranzyme rips up old IPO plan as it goes public

Demonstrating once again just how hazardous it is to launch a biotech IPO, Tranzyme Pharma ($TZYM) was forced to cut its share price from an $11-to-$13 range down to a mere $4 to get out on the

Tranzyme posts postive data for gastroparesis drug

Research Triangle Park, NC-based Tranzyme Pharma said its drug TZP-101 for gastroparesis was effective in a mid-stage trial. Gastroparesis is an inability of the stomach to empty food efficiently,

Tranzyme Pharma plots its next financing move

With a Phase III trial scheduled for next year, Research Triangle Park, NC-based Tranzyme Pharma says it is now pondering three key avenues to go forward: partner the drug, raise $60 million from