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Latest Headlines

Menarini commits itself to $1B cancer ADC deal with Oxford BioTherapeutics

The pharma company is joining forces with Oxford BioTherapeutics on five new programs using the biotech's antibody drug conjugate technology, all the rage now as Roche's T-DM1 nears a likely approval.

Blockbuster buzz: 15 top therapies in late-stage development

The Holy Grail of every big R&D organization on the planet remains finding and developing blockbuster drugs. Breaking into the 10-figure club can be a defining moment in any researcher's career. It may not make it on the tombstone--here lies John T. Researcher, he developed a billion-dollar therapy--but it would be an understandable desire. Despite rumors to the contrary, the blockbuster is far from dead. Here are 15 hopefuls that are alive and kicking >>

Roche R&D restructuring triggers $1.7B charge

Roche is taking a $1.7 billion restructuring charge as it shutters its R&D complex in Nutley, NJ. But the Big Pharma company says that the company will be stronger than ever as it forges ahead with T-DM1, its new breast cancer drug widely viewed as a probable blockbuster.

UPDATED: Biotech startup ADCT and U.K. researchers conspire to arm anti-cancer 'warheads'

ADC Therapeutics (ADCT) and Cancer Research UK's Cancer Research Technology (CRT) group have taken up arms together to develop a slate of antibody-drug conjugates for attacking tumors.

In R&D showdown, Genentech beats Roche in a TKO

When Roche bought out Genentech back in '09, analysts fretted over the looming culture clash as the corporate types of Basel invaded San Francisco. But to hear Reuters ' Caroline Copley tell the tale, the real showdown was taking place between two distinctly different R&D operations. And three years later San Francisco proved the winner, hands down, in a technical knockout.

Genentech braces for blockbuster FDA decision on pertuzumab for breast cancer

The FDA has a Friday PDUFA deadline to hit after providing pertuzumab a priority review on some significant data on the drug's ability to stall breast cancer when combined with Herceptin (trastuzumab).

At ASCO, unique delivery makes TDM-1 a standout

Genentech unveiled Phase III data on the blockbuster hopeful TDM-1 at ASCO in Chicago this week, and the cancer drug's positive results are in part due to its "smart bomb" delivery.

ASCO Roundup: Key news from Bayer, Aveo, J&J and Seattle Genetics

Bayer looks to secure blockbuster status for regorafenib; J&J demonstrated impressive results among pre-chemo prostate cancer patients; Aveo raises the flag for tivozanib; Seattle Genetics plans to look at new indications for Adcetris.