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Latest Headlines

Endo hands Stendra rights back to struggling Vivus

Vivus has never had a marketing partner for flailing obesity therapy Qsymia--and now, it's about to be one short for erectile dysfunction therapy Stendra, too. Last week, Endo's Auxilium Pharmaceuticals announced in a regulatory filing that it would be terminating its licensing pact--covering the U.S. and Canada--with the California drugmaker, with an end date of June 30. 

Endo plots a relaunch of Auxilium's ED med, complete with new salesforce and DTC

Upon buying up Auxilium--which markets Vivus' erectile dysfunction drug Stendra--Endo decided wholesale inventory levels weren't where they ought to be. Its solution? A relaunch of the drug, complete with a new salesforce and DTC efforts.

FDA backs ED upstart Stendra as a fast-acting alternative to Viagra

Companies have been studying Stendra for some sort of competitive edge. Now, they may have found one: The FDA backed the ED pill as a fast-acting treatment, taken 15 minutes before sex. Previously, the directions prescribed a 30-minute lead time.

Can Auxilium's ED hopeful Stendra score with provocative March Madness ads?

Auxilium is marketing Vivus' new erectile dysfunction pill Stendra with a jazzy, suggestive promo video during March Madness, when millions of men are glued to the games.

Auxilium aims Stendra's sexy March Madness ads at stiff ED competition

It's March Madness in the NCAA, which means lots of men glued to the games. What better time for an underdog erectile dysfunction drug to tout itself? That's the theory at Auxilium, which is launching an ad campaign for the ED remedy Stendra.

Vivus beats the street on licensing payments, but investors aren't fooled

Vivus, a go-it-alone marketer with flailing obesity drug Qsymia, is discovering the joys of buddying up. 

Sanofi signs on to sell Vivus ED drug in emerging markets

After rolling out its weight-loss drug Qsymia solo, a move that spurred plenty of shareholder discontent, Vivus is taking marketing partnerships for erectile dysfunction drug Stendra seriously. Thursday, it announced a deal with Sanofi that covers licensing and commercialization in emerging markets.

Vivus nabs more marketing muscle for Stendra, but nothing yet for Qsymia

Vivus investors are still waiting for the company to nail down the marketing partner the company's leadership promised would help turn things around for weight-loss drug Qsymia. In the meantime, the company has inked a second marketing deal for erectile dysfunction drug Stendra.

First Manhattan sues Vivus for 'illegally' delaying shareholder vote

The company's rebel shareholder sued Vivus for postponing its annual meeting, accusing the board of directors of stalling to keep themselves in office.

Vivus hooks up with Menarini to hawk ED pill Spedra in $121M deal

Vivus may still lack a marketing partner for Qsymia. But it has signed up some help rolling out its new erectile dysfunction treatment Stendra.