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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Shire finally gets it done, bagging Baxalta in $32B buyout

It took a few months, but Shire has wrapped a $32 billion deal to acquire Baxalta, providing CEO Flemming Ornskov with the big merger that he has been promising investors.

Shire hit with another setback as FDA rejects top pipeline drug

Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov has yet another setback to grapple with as his company winds toward the end of a strange year. The FDA has rejected the company's application for the dry-eye drug lifitegrast, a key drug that the biotech has billed as a blockbuster earner, despite its mixed record in the clinic.

UPDATED: Shire goes public with a $30B bid to acquire Baxalta, expand rare-disease pipeline

After getting stiff-armed by the newly independent management at Baxter's biotech spinoff Baxalta, Shire is going public with its offer to acquire the company for $30.6 billion in shares. The deal marks Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov's play to make a landmark acquisition that can vault the company into the big leagues, after being left at the altar last year by AbbVie.

UPDATED: Shire chief Ornskov bets $300M on another eye drug bolt-on buyout

Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov is spending $300 million of his cache of cash on a new ophthalmology buyout. Ornskov has pulled the trigger on a deal to snap up Foresight Biotherapeutics, adding a new bolt-on group with plans to take an eye drug into Phase III.

UPDATED: Shire nabs NPS's rare disease drug portfolio in $5.2B buyout

Shire has struck a deal to buy NPS Pharma and its rare disease drug portfolio for $46 a share, or $5.2 billion, making headlines for its go-it-alone strategy on the eve of the big JP Morgan conference in San Francisco.

Shire CEO hints at an upcoming biotech buyout

In an interview with Investor's Business Daily, Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov hints that he'd like to do something similar to the $4.5 billion ViroPharma acquisition, which added a new product to the portfolio while helping spur sales of an existing drug.

International brouhaha over AbbVie misstep highlights U.K.'s M&A rules

Analysts generally believe that big takeovers are easier to pull off under the U.K.'s M&A guidelines. But you'd better not ignore the very specific rules of the game. AbbVie got a lesson on that score yesterday after CEO Richard Gonzalez confidently confided to a number of major news outlets, including the Financial Times and Reuters, that he had already chatted up most of Shire's big investors and won their support for a $51 billion buyout.

Shire bags an early-stage fibrosis drug in $75M Fibrotech buyout

Even as reports of a prospective takeover bid from Allergan circulate, Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov shows no sign of slowing down on the company's deal spree. The biotech is buying Australia's Fibrotech for $75 million upfront and a string of undisclosed milestones, bringing in a lead drug for fibrosis.

Shire's new CEO sees one of his first-round biotech deals sour in PhIII

One of the first deals Flemming Ornskov struck as the new CEO of Shire has soured quickly. The company says that its therapy for dry eye, lifitegrast, missed one of two key endpoints in a Phase III study, raising some serious questions about its future.

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