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Latest Headlines

Pharmacyclics, Servier call it quits on a cancer drug

Pharmacyclics and Servier are quietly walking away from a 5-year collaboration on a new cancer treatment, leaving the former company to go it alone on mid-stage oral drug with an uncertain future.

Servier and Amgen's cardio drug faces uncertain future after trial flop

Ivabradine, a heart rate-reducing drug from Servier and Amgen, failed to beat placebo in a huge study of patients with coronary artery disease, potentially clouding its future on two continents.

EU's third pay-for-delay action nails Servier, Teva, Mylan and others

European regulators are getting the hang of levying pay-for-delay penalties, rolling up 6 companies in its latest action and fining them more than half a billion dollars in the process.

EU keeps rolling out pay-for-delay penalties with plan to fine Servier, Teva

European antitrust regulators may have been a little late to the party when it comes to pay-for-delay actions but are making up for lost time. Sources are saying they will levy fines against French drugmaker Servier and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries next month for delaying the launch of generic blood pressure meds.

Novartis, Servier team up on tumor-killing drug development

France's Servier has struck up a deal with Novartis to develop oncology drugs that invade tumors and lead them to self-destruct.

Busy Servier grabs an option on Celladon's early-stage diabetes work

A busy Servier wants to explore Celladon's technology to see if there are some small molecule applications to diabetes and other metabolic conditions that warrant clinical development.

Servier stages an entry into high-stakes CAR-T showdown with Novartis

The French biotech announced this morning that it will collaborate with Paris-based Cellectis on UCART19, an engineered T cell with a chimeric antigen receptor for leukemia and lymphomas, as well as 5 other such programs. Servier is paying Cellectis $10 million down and up to $140 million per program in milestones in its gamble on the biotech's approach.

Servier offers $483M to buy out other Egis shareholders

Servier owns 51% of the Hungarian drugmaker Egis, and it wants the rest. France-based Servier has offered 28,000 forint per share in cash, or almost $126, for the outstanding stock, putting the deal price at about $483 million.

On a roll, MacroGenics scoops up $10M on tumor drug milestone

Less than a year after striking a $1.1 billion antibody development deal with French drugmaker Servier, the Rockville, MD-based biotech has snagged a $10 million milestone for dosing the first patient in an early-stage study of their tumor-targeting drug MGA271.

Amgen commits $50M-plus in 3-way deal to expand cardiovascular drug pipeline

Amgen continued its deal spree today with a three-way collaboration, in-licensing U.S. rights to Servier's heart drug Procoralan (ivabradine)--approved in Europe but not in the U.S.--along with a second, mid-stage cardiovascular drug while dealing out the European rights to Servier on a heart-failure drug now on the threshold of Phase III studies.