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Latest Headlines

Completing a U-turn on RNA, Roche's resurgent pRED strikes deal with Santaris

Three years ago, Roche sent shockwaves ricocheting through the R&D field when it decided to write off a half-billion dollar initiative in RNA drug research and sell off its dedicated facility in Wisconsin. But a year after John Reed took over at Roche's Basel-based research group pRED, Roche is once again doing RNA deals.

Bristol-Myers forges discovery pact with rising RNA drug player

Santaris Pharma has found another major pharma partner for its RNA drug platform. Bristol-Myers Squibb has forked over $10 million initially and promised much more to collaborate with Santaris on discovery and development of new genetic therapies.

Spotlight shines on injected RNA drug against hepatitis C amid pills-only frenzy

The New England Journal of Medicine published data from a promising mid-stage study of Santaris Pharma's microRNA therapy against hepatitis C, bringing media attention to this unique method of combating the liver-damaging virus as most of the focus in the field is on new oral antiviral drugs.

UPDATED: Santaris wins as partner in Miragen's $352M deal

Santaris Pharma didn't make some of the headlines in the deal, but the Danish biotech factors prominently in its partner Miragen's microRNA pact with the French drugmaker Servier. While Boulder,

Pfizer deal shows confidence in Santaris' RNA delivery

The recent expansion of a deal between Pfizer and Santaris Pharma is reported in FierceBiotech, but it's worth reviewing the reason why Pfizer seems excited about the mRNA and microRNA targeted

Pfizer ups ante on Santaris RNA discovery deal with $614M pact

Two years after Pfizer ($PFE) inherited Wyeth's discovery pact with Denmark's Santaris, its researchers have decided to significantly up the ante on their deal. The pharma giant is handing over $14

Santaris drug takes new path to defeat hepatitis C

Investigators say that a new approach to inhibiting the hepatitis C virus worked amazingly well in a group of four chimpanzees. And now researchers have taken the therapy into the clinic for the

Santaris inks RNA development pact with Shire

Denmark's Santaris has nailed down a $6.5 million upfront in a new development pact with the UK's Shire. And it will pick up another $13.5 million in near-term milestones as it wraps up early

Santaris' development tech wins Wyeth deal

Santaris Pharma's drug development technology has won over Wyeth. The two have formed a collaboration aimed at developing new RNA-based therapeutics. Santaris gets $17 million initially; $7 million

First miRNA drug enters human studies

Denmark's Santaris has kicked off a Phase I study of SPC3649, a potential treatment for hepatitis C infection. The trial marks the first time a microRNA drug has been tested in humans. SPC3649 will