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Latest Headlines

Deloitte: The price of R&D success soars as investment returns shrivel

In just one year, Big Pharma's average cost of bringing a new drug to the marketplace has shot up 23%, soaring from $830 million to more than a billion dollars this year, according to a new report

EC outlines new incentives to spur antibiotic R&D

Faced with a growing threat from a phalanx of superbugs and a long-standing industry disinterest in committing resources to low-margin antibiotics, European officials are hoping to jumpstart R&D

KPMG to Big Pharma: Show us your ROI on R&D

Over the past two years you've seen a lineup of the world's top pharma CEOs publicly confess their R&D sins. Spending billions a year delivered only a meager trickle of new drug approvals,

New R&D culture at GSK forces a challenging showdown

Researchers at GlaxoSmithKline face the dragon's den when it comes to gaining a financial commitment for their projects. Referring to a popular British television show, The Times profiles GSK's new

LaMattina gives insider's view of R&D 'upheaval' at Pfizer

John LaMattina has provided some new insights from his past days inside the belly of the Pfizer beast, this time in a candid interview with Pharmalot's Ed Silverman. And the drug giant's former

A drug development revolutionary advocates radical change in R&D

No one working in the drug development world would be surprised to hear that some of the biggest pharma companies in the world have had a colossal meltdown on the R&D side of the business. The

Amgen sees 26% jump in R&D spending

While many drugmakers are trying to keep a lid on R&Dexpenses, Amgen reported today in its quarterly earnings that its R&D costs increased 26% to $808 million in order to fund late-stage

BDO: Biotechs continue to rein in R&D costs, focus on top prospects

It's not just a few Big Pharma companies which are reining in R&D costs. Combing through the 10-Ks of 90 public biotech companies, the numbers crunchers at BDO found that the group cut back their

As Ph3 failures spike Big Pharma hits the brakes on R&D spending

Just in time for BIO's big international confab that begins today in Washington D.C., Thomson Reuters has sized up the industry's dwindling appetite for massive R&D operations. And it's come up

E&Y dissects biotech's toughest challenges

If you just focus on the $25 billion raised by biotech companies last year, you'd assume that the industry had fully recovered from the market crunch that hit in 2008 and 2009. But then Ernst &