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Latest Headlines

Collegium's pain drug wins a 'tentative' FDA approval with Purdue blocking the way

Collegium Pharmaceutical won FDA approval for its abuse-deterrent take on oxycodone, but an ongoing patent dispute with Purdue Pharma stands in the way of the drug's launch.

Backlash rages on over Purdue's pediatric OxyContin approval

Back in August, the FDA approved Purdue's powerful painkiller, OxyContin, for children ages 11 to 16. But nearly two months later, the public backlash hasn't died down.

Purdue plots a joint venture to push its pain pill pipeline

Purdue Pharma is planning to spin out some of its in-development pain drugs in a joint venture with AnaBios, tapping the biotech's development technology to speed along a handful of early-stage projects.

FDA advisers side against Purdue's new painkiller, citing dosing dangers

A panel of FDA advisers voted against approving the latest pain treatment from Purdue Pharma, worried that quirks in the pill's dosing could put patients at risk.

Purdue puts up $213M for a novel pain drug from VM Pharma

Chronic pain giant Purdue Pharma signed a deal worth as much as $213 million to get its hands on a VM Pharma treatment that could widen the company's portfolio beyond traditional opioid drugs.

GlaxoSmithKline and Purdue look to Apple's ResearchKit for R&D

ResearchKit, the technology Apple promises will transform the world's hundreds of millions of iPhones into handheld gatherers of clinical data, could become a viable tool in drug development, and two major drugmakers are working to integrated into clinical trials.

OxyContin sales put Purdue's Sackler family on Forbes rich list

The Busches, the Mellons, the Rockefellers--they're some of America's richest families. But one blockbuster pain drug has put a family of pharma-founders ahead of them all in the wealth department.

Purdue pulls out of FDA panel on abuse-deterrent OxyContin just days before meeting

Purdue Pharma has canceled an all-important discussion with FDA advisers about its latest spin on OxyContin less than a week ahead of the scheduled meeting, an uncommon move the company said will ultimately improve its odds of success.

Egalet's pain pill is tougher to abuse than Purdue's morphine tablet, study shows

Egalet's in-development pain pill met its goals in a study designed to prove its abuse-deterrence, beating out a rival treatment from Purdue Pharma as it heads toward an FDA filing.

J&J, Endo, Teva and Actavis off the hook in Chicago painkiller lawsuit

Four out of 5 drugmakers sued by the city of Chicago escaped the lawsuit, thanks to a Friday court ruling. The case against Purdue Pharma, however, will go on--albeit in a diminished way.