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Latest Headlines

Roche breast cancer drugs Perjeta, Kadcyla are built for speed, report finds

Roche's new set of HER2-positive breast cancer drugs are making it big with oncologists.

Roche's Perjeta proves a fast fave with cancer docs, but Kadcyla's a speed racer

Roche's new breast cancer duo, Perjeta and Kadcyla, seemed destined to make a big splash in the oncology market. Now, Decision Resources has the numbers to show just how big that splash has been.

Roche will use its diagnostic test for Perjeta and Kadcyla to identify patients best suited for the treatments

It will allow doctors to spot patients who will benefit from those treatments.

Roche's Perjeta nabs speedy FDA nod in early breast cancer

Perjeta is now the first cancer drug approved to treat patients before surgery. Developed by Roche's Genentech unit, and already approved for women with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer, Perjeta can now reach a huge new group of patients at early stages of the disease.

FDA panel gives 'historic' thumbs-up to Roche's Perjeta in early breast cancer

You might call Perjeta a guinea pig. The new breast cancer drug from Roche's Genentech unit could soon become the first approved for cancer patients before they've had surgery. It would also be the first approved under new FDA guidelines for speeding cancer drugs to patients with early-stage disease.

FDA reviewers back Roche's Perjeta in early breast cancer

Roche's study looked at Perjeta in combination with Roche's Herceptin and chemotherapy, compared with Herceptin and chemo alone. Patients on Perjeta and Herceptin saw statistically significant improvements in tumor size compared with those in the Herceptin-only arm, the FDA reveiewers noted.

U.K. cost watchdogs nix Roche's new breast cancer drug Perjeta

The U.K.'s cost-effectiveness police have turned up their noses at Roche's new breast cancer drug Perjeta. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) says the drug's ability to extend patients' lives is unclear--and that it's far more costly than currently available treatments.

Which drugs are the biggest duds in blockbuster-land?

EvaluatePharma researchers totted up sales for the last 5 years' worth of analysts' blockbuster picks--and found plenty of bad bets.

Roche's Avastin gets another indication approval

Chalk up another big win for Hal Barron and his R&D team extraordinaire at Genentech. The FDA today approved a new indication for Roche's ($RHHBY) cancer drug Avastin.

Roche looks to earn even more from Perjeta with EU nod

Roche tightened its lock on the breast cancer treatment market, and its expectations for many more billions of dollars in annual revenue, when an EU panel gave thumbs up for approval of Perjeta.