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Back from the scrap heap, BioCryst wins OK for IV flu drug

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals won its first-ever FDA approval for a new treatment and subsequently saw its shares slide as analysts yawned over its sales potential.

BioCryst’s failed flu drug gets another shot at FDA success

Last fall BioCryst ($BCRX) took a careful look at the interim data from a late-stage study of its flu drug peramivir i.v. and prepared to read the last rites for the program after years of federally-funded research work. The company gave up on enrolling more patients and said any further development with an eye to filing for an approval in the U.S. was "unlikely."

BioCryst's shares spike on hope that flu drug can rise from the grave

Months after the beleaguered BioCryst Pharmaceuticals ($BCRX) started reading the last rites for its long-running Phase III program for the flu drug peramivir i.v., citing a weak response and the need to add more patients to the study, the biotech has tried to cheer up its battered investors with the news that the therapy may not be completely dead after all.

BioCryst scraps $235M late-stage flu drug program backed by feds

After this latest setback, the company's chief medical officer says that it is "unlikely" that the biotech will continue development work needed for U.S. approval.

BioCryst shares slide on peramivir trial revisions

Shares of BioCryst Pharmaceuticals slid about eight percent on the news that it wants to expand the size of its late-stage study of its IV formulation of peramivir while altering the endpoint. The

BioCryst reaps $22.5M windfall on IV peramivir order

Just days after federal regulators rushed through an emergency approval for the use of BioCryst's IV flu drug peramivir, the Alabama biotech says that it's shipped 10,000 courses of the treatment,

IV peramivir may get swift approval

There's been a considerable amount of speculation about which of the new flu vaccine and antiviral technologies now in the clinic will benefit from the swine flu outbreak and the outcry it has

Feds hand BioCryst $77M for anti-viral trial

The U.S. government is handing BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX) more than $77 million to finish the late-stage testing of its promising anti-viral drug peramivir. The department of Health and Human

BioCryst hypes international pacts for peramivir

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals came out of the gate this morning touting new distribution deals for its closely-watched antiviral peramivir, but some analysts were doubtful that the developer had much new

BioCryst reports positive late-stage flu data for peramivir

With the world's first pandemic in more than four decades covering the globe, BioCryst took another step toward FDA approval for its flu therapy peramivir with the announcement that two late-stage