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Latest Headlines

Roche, Pacific Biosciences seal $75M clinical Dx partnership

Struggling gene sequencer Pacific Biosciences signed a diagnostics product-development deal with industry giant Roche worth as much as $75 million.

PacBio soars in wake of $75M Dx deal with Roche

Struggling gene sequencer Pacific Biosciences saw its stock rocket upward in the wake of a diagnostics development deal with industry giant Roche that's worth as much as $75 million, closing at $5.98 on Sept. 25, a jump of more than 72.8%.

Roche, Pacific Biosciences forge clinical Dx deal

Roche's massive diagnostics division has signed on with yet another development partner: California's Pacific Biosciences, which focuses on gene sequencing. The pair will develop diagnostics products for clinical research.

Eric Schadt leading biotech computing charge in NYC

In the biotech game, New York City doesn't hold a candle to Boston or San Francisco. But if anyone can change that perception, perhaps it's Eric Schadt, the chief scientist of Pacific Biosciences (

Sequencing leaders want industry standards to govern decoded DNA

The math on sequencing's growing reach is pretty simple. In 2009, a few dozen genomes were sequenced. Last year the genes of some 1,700 people were sequenced. This year, analysts say the number will

PacBio reaches for cloud tech amid biz slump

Pacific Biosciences ($PACB) wants to offer users of its sequencing machine new cloud computing capabilities amid struggles to hit sales targets for its cutting edge system for quickly and cheaply...

Pacific Biosciences axes 130 jobs as it slams brakes on spending

Creating a company on the bleeding edge of a new technology can cut both ways. After the initial demand for its highly touted sequencing tech fell short of expectations, Menlo Park, CA-based Pacific

PacBio fosters software community with 3rd-gen sequencer release

With the commercial release of Pacific Biosciences' third-generation sequencer in April come new opportunities for software vendors to provide tools to enhance the utility of the data provided by the

PacBio's Schadt leading $100M effort at Mt. Sinai

Dr. Eric E. Schadt (photo), a rock star of sorts in genetics circles and chief scientist at Pacific Biosciences ($PACB), is set to lead a new genomics research group at Mount Sinai in New York. Menlo

PacBio starts shipping Real-Time sequencing machine

This week Pacific Biosciences--the biotech superstar that has raised hundreds of millions in venture capital and launched an IPO--started shipping its PacBio RS system. According to a release, the