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Latest Headlines

Manufacturing issues still dog A.P. Pharma

Three years ago A.P. Pharma received a complete response letter (CRL) from the FDA saying problems with manufacturing were one of the reasons the agency was not prepared to approve its lead product.

A.P. Pharma slapped with another FDA rejection on chemo drug

Three years after the FDA handed out its first rejection of A.P. Pharma's anti-nausea therapy APF530, regulators did it again, still unsatisfied by the biotech's marketing application. But this time the company insisted right off the bat that it can regroup, get back to the FDA and launch this therapy after about a 6-month delay in its schedule.

A.P. Pharma scrambling to cut more costs, scout new financing

With its lead drug program under a dark cloud at the FDA and officials at Nasdaq frowning at its battered share price, A.P. Pharma stated today that it is "taking additional actions" to cut costs as

A.P. Pharma nausea drug hit with FDA rejection

A.P. Pharma's shares went into a tailspin this morning after the FDA rejected the company's anti-nausea drug, a long-acting formulation of granisetron for chemo-induced vomiting. And the company was

A.P. Pharma cuts workforce again

Still trying to preserve cash, A.P. Pharma announced that it is once again cutting about a third of its staff. Back in November, the Redwood City, CA-based developer axed a third of its workforce, or

A.P. Pharma cuts jobs, narrows focus as crisis bites

A.P. Pharma has joined the list of biotech companies cutting back in the face of the economic crisis. The developer says it has eliminated 18 positions, about a third of its workforce, and placed

A.P. Pharma sees positive data in late-stage chemo study

A.P. Pharma says its experimental therapy to prevent nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy hit the primary endpoint in three of four assessments outlined in a Phase III comparison trial with