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Latest Headlines

Existing antiviral drug could treat H7N9 flu

Researchers at Kansas State University think they've found an existing antiviral drug that could squelch the H7N9 flu.

Novartis, Novavax tout ability to quickly whip up pandemic flu vaccines

Novartis and Novavax both say they're now able to develop new immunizations within months of a viral strain's identification and sequencing.

Novartis, Novavax whip up new bird flu vaccines as pandemic fears flourish

Winter's coming, along with warnings that new cases of H7N9 bird flu in China warrant a global pandemic alert. While the most recent pandemic alarms have fizzled out without any major outbreaks of a lethal virus, the federal government has been supporting work on new vaccine technologies.

Novavax presents positive Phase I data for H7N9 vaccine

The reemergence of H7N9 in China during the past month has reinforced the need for a vaccine. Candidates from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers have grabbed the headlines recently, but now a U.S. player, Novavax, has joined the race with positive Phase I data.

Manufacturers prepare for resurgence of H7N9

H7N9 activity has slowed dramatically, but health authorities fear it will return in China and possibly beyond as temperatures cool. If this happens, the advancement of vaccines should strengthen the ability of healthcare systems to protect people.

Novavax makes $30M bid for adjuvant business

The deal has the backing of the three largest shareholders, and Novavax expects to close the takeover by the end of next month. With the deal, Novavax gets ownership of a proprietary adjuvant technology it can use in vaccine candidates for pandemic flu, rabies, respiratory syncytial virus in the elderly, foot-and-mouth and other diseases.

Novavax jumps on positive PhII for RSV vaccine

he vaccine works by immunizing women in their childbearing years, causing them to pass on protective antibodies to guard infants. Now it's on to a pivotal trial.

Upstart Valor launches with plans to develop armed antibody cancer drugs

Some 19 months following his abrupt departure from the helm at Novavax, Rahul Singhvi is back with a new start-up with plans to develop a trio of armed-antibody cancer drugs.

Novavax reports positive avian flu vaccine results

Novavax enjoyed a bump in its stock--a climb of 4.9%--after reporting positive results from two Phase I trials of its avian influenza vaccine candidate, Bloomberg reports. Novavax closed Friday at $2.35; shares have risen 87% this year.

Novavax teams up to fight malaria

Novavax, CPL Biologicals and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology will team up to develop a malaria vaccine in India.