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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's Bill Gates backs open R&D in social-media investment

Bill Gates has added his high-profile name and dollars to the open-science movement.

Bill Gates adds heft and dollars to open R&D

It's one of the latest investments from the Microsoft chairman and world's richest man that focuses on supporting translation of discoveries into breakthroughs for patients.

Bill Gates melds tech and biotech in $35M social media deal

Bill Gates has added his high-profile name and dollars to the open-science movement, joining other investors in a $35 million financing round for the 5-year-old social network for scientists called ResearchGate.

FoldIt creator wins Bill Gates nod for science crowdfunding site

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates saluted a new crowdfunding platform site called Microryza, which has started funneling cash to dozens of high-risk scientific research programs, including a number of drug research efforts that would otherwise never see the light of day.

NextDocs and Microsoft pushing clinical trials to the cloud

Like a good tech partner should, NextDocs has stuck close to Microsoft and its software platforms for years.

Microsoft's web-search mining uncovers side effect of drug pairing

Web search records could provide early signals of harmful drug interactions. And thanks in part to consumers' inability to resist going online to learn about their symptoms, researchers found a wealth of data to triangulate the interactions of two widely used drugs and an undesirable side effect.

Microsoft developing database to diversify clinical trials

Microsoft is applying its database know-how to the problem of the lack of minority participation in clinical trials. The tech giant is turning data gathered by the National Minority Quality Forum into a searchable national archive to support the diversification of trials.

GSK reports letdown in PhIII malaria vaccine study

GSK plans to keep advancing the program, which has garnered millions of dollars in support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to the London-based drugmaker.

Roche seeks advances in cloud computing for cancer drug research

Swiss drug giant Roche ($RHHBY) has embarked on a massive internal project to sequence cancer genes, as the company works on advancing the next wave of oncology medicines that target the triggers of tumors. And the project has involved a sizable investment in information technology and will require advances in cloud computing to take it to the next level.

Ex-ImClone boss takes top job at Bill Gates-backed startup

Dan Lynch, the former CEO and financial chief of ImClone Systems (acquired by Eli Lilly), has taken the executive chairman job at the Cambridge, MA-based biotech startup Nimbus Discovery.