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Latest Headlines

Microsoft, Johns Hopkins team up to improve ICU device interoperability

Microsoft and Johns Hopkins are teaming up to improve medical device interoperability in the intensive care unit and deploy Big Data from patient monitoring equipment to prevent injuries and other complications.

Microsoft lands cloud genomics infrastructure deal with UC Santa Cruz

Microsoft has captured a little corner of the market for cloud genomics infrastructure. The deal sees the IT giant make its Azure cloud computing platform available to UC Santa Cruz Genomics, which plans to use the system to support its work on the Human Genome Variation Map and other initiatives.

Microsoft, Cambridge University team up on blood cancer simulation model

Researchers have created a computer model to simulate blood cell development. The model can simulate the activity of genes tied to blood cancers, giving researchers a quick way to map the pathways that play out in leukemia and other diseases.

AstraZeneca strikes deal with Box as IT revamp continues

Box has added a big-name client just days after pulling off a $175 million IPO. The deal sees AstraZeneca join Allergan and Eli Lilly on the list of major biopharma companies that use Box's cloud content sharing and collaboration tools.

Microsoft 3-D audio system helps the visually impaired navigate more easily

Microsoft engineers have developed a 3-D audio system that can help the visually impaired move about on city streets and within their homes with greater ease using Bluetooth technology.

Microsoft makes cloud-computing available to Ebola researchers

Microsoft has taken a lead from its co-founder Bill Gates' philanthropic efforts. The computing giant is making its Azure cloud platform available to Ebola researchers who need help with the storage and analysis of data.

Microsoft, Aerocrine partner to send asthma device data to the cloud

Aerocrine has partnered with Microsoft in a pilot project to send data from nitric oxide monitoring devices to the cloud for analysis.

Pharma's cloud doubts prompt tech firms to add local alternatives

While service providers talk up the convenience and flexibility of moving to the cloud, pharma execs are as likely to flag up the litany of privacy, security and technical risks created by the transition.

FDA clears prescription video game for rehabilitation therapy

Personalized medicine, home healthcare and remote medicine are among the trends encapsulated by the FDA's decision to grant 510(k) clearance to the Jintronix rehabilitation system, used in conjunction with Microsoft's Xbox Kinect motion-tracking technology.

Microsoft's Bill Gates backs open R&D in social-media investment

Bill Gates has added his high-profile name and dollars to the open-science movement.