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Latest Headlines

Are CV studies worth it for diabetes meds? After Merck and Sanofi's recent successes, some say no

Some industry watchers are wondering whether those large, expensive trials--which aren't long enough to establish long-term outcomes--were worth it.

Sanofi's diabetes franchise one step closer to U.S. Lyxumia launch

Sanofi can go back to the FDA with Lyxumia. The French drugmaker got good news from a cardiovascular outcomes study, required by the FDA before it would approve the diabetes drug.

Newly minted Sanofi diabetes med fails to impress German pricing regulators

Sanofi's new diabetes drug hit a setback in Germany. The country's increasingly strict pricing regulators say Lyxumia delivers "no additional benefit" compared with existing drugs. If the decision sticks, then Sanofi would lose the power to price Lyxumia at a brand-name premium.

Sanofi stands up for diabetes therapy in crowded GLP-1 contest

Sanofi is making a case for why its experimental diabetes drug Lyxumia stands out from existing GLP-1 therapies, as the French drug giant eyes the new med to build up its Lantus-led diabetes franchise amid relentless competition.

Sanofi R&D chief spotlights diabetes strategy amid Amylin bid buzz

In one of the worst kept secrets in the industry, Sanofi has been in the scrum of potential buyers forming around Amylin in recent weeks.