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Latest Headlines

FDA shoots down Vertex's latest bid for Kalydeco expansion

Vertex has so far had a lot of success widening the patient pool for orphan drug Kalydeco. But in its latest quest for a label expansion, the FDA has stopped it in its tracks.

Vertex's 2016 outlook falls short amid mixed results from high-profile CF meds

SAN FRANCISCO-- Cystic fibrosis specialist Vertex announced 2015 Kalydeco sales that topped analyst expectations, in advance of a presentation at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. But that's where the beat ended.

Expecting payer pushback, Vertex to field new CF med Orkambi at $259K

Vertex Pharmaceuticals' long-awaited cystic fibrosis approval is here--and the combo med Orkambi is just as pricey as analysts expected.

Look out, payers. Vertex's new CF med Orkambi is one step closer to market

Vertex is looking to expand its market for cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco tenfold, but to do that, it needs the FDA's backing. On Tuesday, it got one step closer, grabbing an advisory committee nod for a new Kalydeco combo.

FDA staffers raise doubts over key Vertex combo

As an FDA review nears for Vertex's Kalydeco-lumacaftor tandem--approval of which could help Kalydeco reach 10 times the number of cystic fibrosis patients it currently does--the agency's staffers have some concerns.

Vertex's Kalydeco combo could run payers $10M-plus per life, PBM figures

Sky-high drug prices have been causing their fair share of consternation among payers lately, and industry watchers have suspected for a while now that Vertex will stir the pot when its new cystic fibrosis combo--expected to win FDA approval later this year--hits the market. But just how much will payers need to shell out for the new med over time? Prime Therapeutics has some ideas.

Arkansas settles claims it withheld Vertex's Kalydeco on price

Arkansas Medicaid officials have wrapped up a legal dispute over Vertex's cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco, settling to resolve claims the state denied patients the treatment based on its high price tag. And while it's good news for the drugmaker, this may be just the first in a series of cost-control battles to follow.

Wary Vertex preps payers for its pricey new CF treatment

Vertex is on the verge of something very big with lumacaftor, a drug that could revolutionize cystic fibrosis treatment for nearly half the world's patient population. But as it awaits approval and looks ahead to launch, it's taking care to avoid the payer pushback Gilead sparked with its pricey next-gen hep C med Sovaldi.

Vertex's big plans for Kalydeco sales just got bigger

Vertex is already awaiting the FDA's decision on a Kalydeco combo that could exponentially amp up its cystic fibrosis patient pool. But in the meantime, it announced Sunday evening, it's starting in on a Phase III program for yet another Kalydeco pairing.

Vertex gets 500-patient boost with FDA's newest Kalydeco nod

Vertex will start the new year with a group of new eligible patients for cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco, thanks to a Monday green light from the FDA.