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Latest Headlines

Jazz heads to the FDA with its $1B rare disease drug

Jazz Pharmaceuticals has kicked off a rolling FDA submission for defibrotide, a rare disease treatment acquired in its $1 billion buyout of Gentium.

Latest Allergan buzz puts Ireland's Jazz in its dealmaking sights

Forget Salix Pharmaceuticals and long-gone Shire. No. 1 on Allergan's list of defensive acquisition prospects could be Ireland's Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Big Pharma doesn't win the margin stakes. That's Jazz, Celgene, Regeneron and Alexion

Margins, margins, margins. That's an inevitable mantra among top investors and analysts. Just ask Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez, who's pledged big improvements in the Swiss drugmaker's spread. Or Eli Lilly CFO Derica Rice, who's had to explain why his company can promise to maintain margins as its sales spiral downward.

Jazz gambles up to $250M on a long-delayed rare-disease drug

When Jazz Pharmaceuticals bought out the rare-disease drug developer Gentium for a billion dollars late last year, the company picked up a new therapy for severe veno-occlusive disease that it went on to launch in Europe last April. Now it's buying back the U.S. rights to the drug--which Gentium had bargained away to Sigma-Tau--for $75 million in cash and up to $175 million in milestones. And that extra cash will be staked entirely on its ability to shove the long-delayed drug through the FDA approval process.

10 big brands keep pumping out big bucks, with a little help from price hikes

Thanks to a steady flow of expensive new cancer therapies--and a public brouhaha over the cost of next-gen treatments for hepatitis C--drug prices are on center stage. We thought we'd look into the products whose prices have increased the most since 2007, to see how and why their prices are leaping.

Jazz is investing up to $68M to build its first manufacturing facility

Ireland's Jazz Pharmaceuticals, which has been buying up some new drug assets, has decided it will spend some money on manufacturing as well. It is building its first manufacturing facility there, adding to a string of plant projects in that country.

Gentium shareholders cry foul on $1B Jazz deal

As Jazz Pharmaceuticals rolls on with an orphan drug deal spree, shareholders of Gentium, its latest target, are suing to stop the acquisition, saying the Irish company's $1 billion offer is far too low.

Jazz bets up to $397M on Aerial's narcolepsy drug

Tiny Aerial BioPharma has found a home for its promising narcolepsy treatment, handing the drug over to Jazz Pharmaceuticals for as much as $397 million.

Who will be first of 2014 to be bought? Some say Jazz

Industry analysts can't help but handicap which drugmakers will be the next target of heated industry M&A interest. So three days into the new year, they are putting their money on Jazz Pharmaceuticals, the Ireland-based company that has itself been in acquisition mode.

Buzz: If it's an Irish biopharma company, it's on analysts' M&A list

Ireland-based biopharma companies are all the rage these days. Blessed by advantageous tax laws, Elan and Warner Chilcott fell to takeover bids. And now that Jazz Pharmaceuticals has been bolstered by the addition of Gentium's rare-disease drug portfolio, it's back on the hit list of most likely takeover targets.