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Latest Headlines

ISTA excluded from Medicare in $33.5M off-label settlement

Pharma's latest settlement with the Department of Justice involves a small-potatoes monetary penalty--only $33.5 million total--but it includes something most settlements haven't, at least so far. As part of the deal, ISTA Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Bausch + Lomb, will be excluded from federally funded healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Sanofi, Merck, others said to be eyeing Bausch buyout

Bausch & Lomb, which has been building its prescription drug business, is drawing enough attention from Big Pharma names such as Sanofi ($SNY) and Merck & Co. ($MRK) that its private equity investors may just sell it instead of going the IPO route.

Lupin eyes buyouts up to $500M in U.S. growth push

Lupin executives keep talking up their plans for U.S. expansion. Buying brands, buying companies, pumping up its own launches of generic drugs--the Indian drugmaker says it's going to pull out all the stops to build up its presence stateside.

ISTA's hard-to-get stance yields $500M Bausch & Lomb bid

After resisting a bidfrom Valeant, ISTA went to Bausch & Lomb for 40% more.

Bausch & Lomb snags experimental eye treatments in $500M ISTA buyout

Bausch & Lomb's willingness to shell out $500 million has a lot to do with ISTA's pipeline of experimental therapies.

After dropping ISTA, Valeant nabs another eye-drug company

So what if Valeant Pharmaceuticals wasn't able to pull off its bid for ISTA Pharmaceuticals? It's snapping up Eyetech instead. The Canadian drugmaker ($VRX) agreed to pay "significantly less than two

Valeant counts itself out of ISTA's strategic options

Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO Michael Pearson has walked away from another deal. The Canadian drugmaker withdrew its $7.50-per-share bid to acquire ISTA Pharmaceuticals, one day ahead of its official

Valeant targets $200M in post-merger cost cuts

Whether Valeant Pharmaceuticals' ($VRX) latest news is good or bad depends upon your point of view. If you're an investor or analyst, it's good: The company forecast estimate-beating earnings and

ISTA rebuffs Valeant bid

Well, that was quick. Executives at ISTA Pharmaceuticals ($ISTA) have mulled over Valeant Pharmaceutical's ($VRX) $327 million unsolicited initial bid for the company, and found it lacking. (Valeant

Hungry for ISTA, Valeant makes bid

Canada's Valeant Pharmaceuticals ($VRX) will push for at least one more acquisition before the holidays: U.S.-based rival ISTA Pharmaceuticals ($ISTA). The unsolicited bid for the California-based