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Latest Headlines

Biotechs launch an IPO blitz as Nasdaq stumbles out of the gate

Nasdaq started off 2016 by stumbling out of the gate on Monday, taking a nasty hit along with the other major stock indexes as jitters about the Chinese market rattled investors once again. But 6 different biotechs shrugged off the chill that has afflicted industry stocks for months and filed IPOs which are collectively looking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in the new year.

Noxxon files for IPO to take tumor microenvironment modulator toward PhIII

Noxxon Pharma has become the latest German biotech to head to Amsterdam in search of money from public investors. The company is seeking cash to bankroll the advance of NOX-A12, a drug designed to boost the effectiveness of other treatments through modulation of the tumor microenvironment.

Basilea plots $190M IPO on Nasdaq as it circles a PhIII antibiotic study

Basilea is planning to wrap up a big year with a $190 million IPO on Nasdaq. The Swiss biotech filed the IPO on Friday--the same day the EU provided formal approval for its antifungal drug isavuconazole, now sold as Cresemba in the U.S. by its partner Astellas.

Voyager braves turbulent market waters with an $86M gene therapy IPO

Voyager Therapeutics evidently isn't all that alarmed about widespread fears that the IPO window for biotech may be grinding shut. The biotech became the ninth Fierce 15 company from the class of 2014 to file for an IPO, looking to the markets to deliver $86 million or so to continue funding for its early-stage gene therapy work.

Feeling the biotech chill, CytomX stumbles onto Nasdaq with an $80M IPO

The biotech IPO window may not be closed, but it's also not wide open--at least for now. You can add CytomX to the list of biotechs that have now stumbled their way into an IPO.

MyoKardia plots an $86M IPO with a novel take on cardio R&D

MyoKardia, taking a rare disease approach to cardiovascular drug development, is plotting to go public in an $86 million IPO and raise cash to push its Sanofi-partnered pipeline.

Roche-partnered Oryzon plans Madrid IPO as launchpad to Nasdaq

Oryzon Genomics has joined the wave of European biotechs to file for an IPO on their home continent. But the Roche-partnered epigenetics specialist is doing things differently, first by going public in the biotech backwater of the Madrid stock exchange and then by using this listing as a launchpad for a Nasdaq IPO.

Acacia looks to a $230M IPO in London as it steers through PhIII

Last fall, Acacia Pharma's virtual crew cheered the late-stage success of a drug designed to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting by bringing in strategic advisers to help hammer out a path forward. And evidently, they concluded that setting out to raise $230 million on the London Stock Exchange was the right way to go.

Mirna moves into unchartered waters with $81M IPO filing

Mirna Therapeutics is about to find out whether turbulence in the financial markets has blown the IPO window shut. The company brushed off concerns that the three-year IPO party is winding down by filing to raise up to $80.5 million to advance its tumor suppressor into Phase II.

Gene therapy stalwart ReGenX plots a $100M IPO to strike out on its own

After years of outlicensing its gene therapy technology, ReGenX Bio is pressing forward with treatments of its own, filing to raise $100 million in an IPO to fund in-house R&D.