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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

With PhIII trial coming up, Infinity strikes risk-based monitoring deal with Medidata

Infinity Pharmaceuticals has added risk-based monitoring (RBM) to the suite of eClinical tools it sources from Medidata. The expansion of the 10-year relationship gives Infinity access to RBM technology at a time when it is gearing up for a Phase III cancer trial.

Infinity pulls trigger on Takeda oncology candidate option

Infinity Pharmaceuticals exercised an option this week to purchase worldwide royalty obligations ranging from 7% to 11% on sales of duvelisib (IPI-145) in oncology indications from Takeda Pharmaceutical for $52.5 million.

Top women in biotech 2014

Carving out a successful career in biopharma isn't easy, for men or women. The failure rate of experimental drugs is astronomically high. And just because a company wins an approval is no...

AbbVie ties the knot with Infinity in $805M blood cancer collaboration

AbbVie has agreed to hand over $275 million upfront to Infinity Pharmaceuticals in exchange for rights to develop and commercialize duvelisib, its oral PI3k-delta/gamma inhibitor for blood cancers. And the blockbuster-size deal for Infinity's lead program comes with $530 million in potential milestones.

ASH roundup: AbbVie, Gilead join Novartis in the center ring

Carl June and the Novartis/Penn team weren't the only players to grab the spotlight at the global gathering of hematology experts at the big American Society of Hematology meeting in New Orleans. Several companies touted new data for their therapies over the weekend, and FierceBiotech focused on a roundup of the news related to some top contenders in the field.

Infinity pays $15M to tailor its deal with Takeda

The Cambridge, MA-based biotech has agreed to pay Takeda $15 million and in exchange Millennium is ripping up its option to bag a 50/50 split on any of Infinity's PI3K inhibitors, including the lead program for IPI-145.

Infinity Pharma axes 20% of jobs

Infinity Pharmaceuticals has cut 20% of its employees as the drug developer advances its lead candidates without R&D dollars from Mundipharma International, the company revealed Tuesday. And the company also blamed its recent decision to end development of its lead anti-cancer compound saridegib for the staff cutbacks.

Infinity Pharma writes off lead drug after two more failed studies

Independent monitors stepped in to shut down another mid-stage cancer study of Infinity Pharmaceuticals' ($INFI) lead drug saridegib after concluding that the experimental therapy was performing no better than a placebo.

Infinity craters after lead drug flunks PhII cancer study

Infinity Pharmaceuticals' ($INFI) lead therapy failed a critical mid-stage hurdle as investigators moved to shut down a study for pancreatic cancer after the treatment in combination with a common

Mundipharma tacks on $50M to cancer alliance with Infinity

Infinity Pharmaceuticals ($INFI) has some new wiggle room in its budget to develop its PI3K inhibitor intended to combat blood cancers and inflammation. Mundipharma International, Infinity's partner