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Latest Headlines

Hyperion and Clal call off their lawyers after botched buyout deal

Hyperion Therapeutics, which argues it was tricked into signing a $570 million deal for an Israeli biotech, has reached a ceasefire with the seller over a diabetes drug with a checkered past.

Hyperion and Clal come to temporary terms over a $570M biotech boondoggle

Hyperion Therapeutics, which claims it was duped into a $570 million deal for an Israeli biotech, has reached a temporary agreement with the seller, calling off its lawyers for the moment while the two try to determine whether the drug at the heart of the acquisition has any future.

Evotec signs a Huntington's deal as diabetes project falls through

Risk-sharing researcher Evotec took a blow last week when partner Hyperion Therapeutics pulled the plug on a diabetes trial, but the German company is keeping things moving, expanding an agreement that will put it to work on treatments for Huntington's disease.

Hyperion claims it was duped by fraudulent data into $570M Andromeda buyout

Back last April when Brisbane, CA-based Hyperion agreed to pay $20 million in cash and stock for Israel's Andromeda Biotech, while promising $550 million more in milestones, company execs made much of the late-stage data already in hand for a new Type 1 diabetes drug. Today, though, Hyperion's team threw up their hands and surrendered, claiming that they had been duped by a group of Andromeda staffers and an outside biostatistics firm in Israel which had cooked the books on the data to come up with a favorable result.

Hyperion bets up to $570M on diabetes biotech Andromeda

Orphan drug outfit Hyperion Therapeutics has struck up a deal to acquire Israel's Andromeda Biotech, handing over as much as $570 million in cash and stock with eyes on a Phase III diabetes treatment.

FDA stamps approval on Hyperion's new orphan drug

Hyperion has won its first FDA approval. The South San Francisco-based company grabbed the agency's nod for its drug Ravicti, a treatment for managing genetic conditions known as urea cyclic disorders.

Top 10 biotech IPOs of 2012

After taking a beating in previous years, biotech has been hot sector on Wall Street this year. The Nasdaq Biotech Index has shot up 30% this year compared with 15% growth in the broader market. And the fact that this year's total number of biotech IPOs already matches that of 2011 indicates that there could be a growing appetite for these types of investments. But there's no indication that we're on the verge of, or will ever, return to the go-go years of the 1990s when biotechs more easily went public at lofty values. Here's the full report >>

Hyperion takes standard biotech haircut on $50M IPO

South San Francisco-based Hyperion Therapeutics has joined the roster of biotechs which pushed ahead on an IPO only to fall short of its projected range. The orphan drug developer priced 5 million shares at $10 this morning, taking a haircut on the $11 to $13 range while raising $50 million.

Hyperion joins the growing IPO queue with $57M offering

Hyperion Therapeutics is hoping that the prospect of its first drug launch will lure investors in on a $57 million IPO.

Hyperion lands $60M VC round

San Francisco-based Hyperion Therapeutics has raised a whopping $60 million in a Series C financing round. New investors Bay City Capital and Panorama Capital co-led the financing, while existing