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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Enyo Pharma gets a $24M funding boost for hep B cure candidate

The new French biotech Enyo Pharma has raised a good chunk of money in its first round of financing as it looks to start human testing for a potential hepatitis B cure.

Case Western, Merck team spotlights vaccine response predictors

Using a "systems vaccinology" approach, researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Merck Research Laboratories have published findings that suggest a new way to predict and enhance vaccine effectiveness, in particular with hepatitis B vaccination.

Dynavax's hep B vaccine outperforms Glaxo's jab in top-line PhIII results

The FDA has already rejected Dynavax's hepatitis B vaccine once, but the Berkeley, CA-based biotech is planning to resubmit its licensing application for the jab as it serves up promising top-line data from the third Phase III trial of Heplisav-B.

Dynavax shares shoot up as hep B PhIII vaccine blasts by rival GSK

Shares of Dynavax charged this morning after the biotech laid out a fresh batch of promising Phase III data for its hepatitis B vaccine Heplisav-B, which bested GlaxoSmithKline's rival mainstay Engerix-B and positioned the biotech to overcome big delays at the FDA and EMA.

J&J's global deals team pursues a cure for hep B in latest partnering frenzy

Johnson & Johnson's latest spate of partnerships highlights its willingness to go anywhere necessary to find all the pieces it needs to create a therapeutic cocktail that can provide a functional cure for hepatitis B.

Analyst: Dynavax hep B vaccine positioned to grab market share from GSK's Engerix-B

Initially approved by the FDA in 1989, GlaxoSmithKline's Engerix-B has been the standard-of-care against hepatitis B. But an analyst thinks Dynavax's experimental Heplisav is poised to swipe some market share once it's approved.

Tekmira changes its name and shuffles away from Ebola

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals is shifting focus after years of up-and-down development, planning to change its name and train its attention on hepatitis B.

Abivax eyes $49M IPO to advance Cuban-made hep B vaccine

Abivax, a Paris-based biotech that acquired the rights to three commercial, Cuban-made vaccines in November, is gearing up for a €43.6 million ($49 million) IPO to take its hepatitis B candidate into Phase III. The cash will also go toward an HIV drug.

Abivax seeks cash to bring Cuban-discovered HepB vaccine to the world

Abivax, an emissary of Cuba's well-regarded but closed-off biotech sector, is raising money to fund clinical trials of a hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccine was discovered by Cuba's Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and is now on the cusp of making the leap from the island to the wider world.

Abivax files for IPO to finance trials of HepB vaccine, HIV antiviral

Abivax has filed the paperwork for an IPO in Paris. The listing is intended to give Abivax the cash to fund mid- to late-phase trials of its two lead candidates, a therapeutic vaccine against hepatitis B and a small-molecule inhibitor of HIV replication.