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Latest Headlines

Troubled sequencing pioneer Helicos shelters in bankruptcy court

Delisted and largely dumped by investors after a pair of restructurings failed to cure what ailed it, Cambridge, MA-based Helicos BioSciences ($HLCS) has stepped into bankruptcy court seeking Chapter 11 protection for the genomic sequencing company.

Helicos slashes staff in half in restructuring

Starved of cash, Cambridge, MA-based Helicos BioSciences has cut its work force in half, laying off 40 people as it changes its focus to the diagnostics side of the business. The move earned a bit of

Helicos will help turn 'junk' into RNAi treasure

Deverlopers investigating new RNA interference therapies will soon have a new and powerful tool to aid their research work. Helicos BioScience reports that its scientists have mapped RNA without

Helicos shares buoyed by partnering talks

With just enough money in the bank to make it into the first quarter of next year, Helicos BioSciences hired investment bank Thomas Weisel partners to help it hunt up some fresh cash. And new

Genetic analysis on duty in MGH lab

The cancer center at Massachusetts General Hospital now has a genetic analysis system from Helicos Biosciences. The system incorporates a single-molecule sequencing technology--requiring no DNA

Stanford engineer slashes sequencing cost to $50,000

The Stanford engineer who founded Helicos Biosciences used the technology he helped create to sequence his own genome for less than $50,000. That's just a fraction of the $250,000 cost that had

Four companies lead genome sequencing race

Whatever else could be said about the controversial J. Craig Venter, you could never claim that the scientist thinks