Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Illumina, Icon land data deals with U.K. mass genome sequencing program

Genomics England has signed up Illumina and Icon to support the 100,000 Genomes Project. Illumina, which has been closely involved with Genomics England since the start, is working to develop informatics tools, while CRO Icon is taking responsibility for managing data generated in the sequencing program.

Illumina signs biobank deals to fuse genome data, EMRs

Illumina has signed deals to genotype the sample collections at four biobanks. Each of the projects is aiming to build a repository of linked genotypic and phenotypic data, with the sequencing results generated by Illumina being paired to electronic medical records (EMRs) possessed by the owners of the biobanks.

Researchers discover fusion protein that promotes cancer via three distinct ways in pediatric brain tumors

Scientists at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute have uncovered an important cancer-driving fusion protein that promotes a pediatric brain tumor via three distinct mechanisms.

AstraZeneca taps CRISPR to extract value from genome data

AstraZeneca has outlined how it is using the white-hot CRISPR genome editing technology to put its repositories of sequencing data to work in its R&D programs. The initiative is one of the many ways in which AstraZeneca is applying the technology at its drug discovery and development units.

DNAnexus connects genomics platform to Sapio Sciences' LIMS

DNAnexus has connected its genomics platform to Sapio Sciences' Exemplar laboratory information management system (LIMS). The integration is expected to provide clients with a sample-to-answer tracking system, a resource the collaborators see cutting costs while improving quality control.

Takeda engages Broad for genomic analysis of patient samples from PhIII cancer trial

Takeda has enlisted Broad Institute Genomic Services to analyze samples taken from patients who participated in a Phase III trial of its recently approved multiple myeloma drug, Ninlaro.

Illumina moves into semiconductor-based sequencing with Project Firefly

Illumina has outlined its plan to release a semiconductor-based sequencing system. The product, currently dubbed Firefly, will become the first Illumina sequencing system to rely on something other than optical readouts.

NIH kicks off $313M genome sequencing drive

Leaders at NIH's genomics research wing are planning to funnel $240 million into the Centers for Common Disease Genomics, a newly created group focused on identifying the genetic factors involved in widespread health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and autism.

Sanofi partners with G3 for data-driven search for cardiovascular disease targets

Sanofi has enlisted Global Genomics Group (G3) to help its hunt for the next generation of targets for cardiovascular diseases. The deal gives Sanofi access to data from a 7,500-person study run by G3, plus bioinformatics capabilities the genomics player has built to sift through the results.

St. Jude team creates tool to visualize pediatric cancer mutations

A team at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has created a tool to visualize the mutations that lead to pediatric cancers. The free application, called ProteinPaint, displays genetic lesions such as sequence mutations and gene fusion alongside RNA expression.