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Latest Headlines

Venter's HLI strikes low-cost exome sequencing deal to swell data repository

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity Inc. has struck a deal to provide exome sequencing services to the customers of a South Africa-based insurance firm. HLI is charging a meager $250 per exome, but in addition to the cash will get one of the other things it wants: data.

AstraZeneca embraces crowdsourcing in a mix-and-match cancer R&D contest

Hoping to spotlight some promising new combination cancer treatments, AstraZeneca is opening up its data vault to researchers around the globe in an effort to crowdsource new avenues for research.

Microsoft lands cloud genomics infrastructure deal with UC Santa Cruz

Microsoft has captured a little corner of the market for cloud genomics infrastructure. The deal sees the IT giant make its Azure cloud computing platform available to UC Santa Cruz Genomics, which plans to use the system to support its work on the Human Genome Variation Map and other initiatives.

Harvard connection helps WuXi NextCODE land Chinese hospital contract

WuXi NextCODE has added the Children's Hospital of Fudan University to its client list. The deal sees WuXi NextCODE deploy its full suite of sequencing and informatics tools to support a push by CHFU to apply genomics to the care of some of the 2.3 million patients that pass through its doors each year.

NIH pushes forward in Obama's $215M 'precision medicine' plan

The National Institutes of Health is pressing ahead with plans to gather genetic information on 1 million Americans under President Barack Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative, angling to kick off the ambitious project next year.

CD Genomics adds HiSeq X Ten to suite of tools for sequencing services

CD Genomics has started offering whole-genome sequencing services on its recently installed HiSeq X Ten system.

U.K. starts enrolling cancer patients into the 100,000 Genomes Project

The United Kingdom has opened up another front of its 100,000 Genomes Project. Having started off sequencing the genomes of people with rare diseases, the team behind the initiative are now ready to take aim at their other big target: cancer.

Venter's HLI nabs Millennium Health COO to oversee global expansion

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) has appointed a chief operating officer to manage its burgeoning genome sequencing operation. Mark Winham has taken up the position, jumping ship from drug-testing lab Millennium Health, where he also served as COO.

Soon-Shiong allies with PA biomedical centers to further genomic research

Billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has teamed up with a medical center and research institute to set up a precision cancer hub. The deal connects the Big Data and immuno-oncology companies in Soon-Shiong's burgeoning NantWorks conglomerate to an emerging center of genomic research and molecular medicine in Pennsylvania.

Teva buys majority stake in Immuneering to access genome analysis tools

Teva Pharmaceutical has bought a 51% stake in data analysis player Immuneering. The deal buys Teva the exclusive use of Immuneering's analytics tools in R&D projects involving treatments for CNS diseases.