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Latest Headlines

Venter's HLI nabs Millennium Health COO to oversee global expansion

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity, Inc (HLI) has appointed a chief operating officer to manage its burgeoning genome sequencing operation. Mark Windham has taken up the position, jumping ship from drug-testing lab Millennium Health, where he also served as COO.

Soon-Shiong allies with PA biomedical centers to further genomic research

Billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has teamed up with a medical center and research institute to set up a precision cancer hub. The deal connects the Big Data and immuno-oncology companies in Soon-Shiong's burgeoning NantWorks conglomerate to an emerging center of genomic research and molecular medicine in Pennsylvania.

Teva buys majority stake in Immuneering to access genome analysis tools

Teva Pharmaceutical has bought a 51% stake in data analysis player Immuneering. The deal buys Teva the exclusive use of Immuneering's analytics tools in R&D projects involving treatments for CNS diseases.

First startups graduate from Illumina Accelerator as deadline for next phase nears

The first clutch of companies have graduated from Illumina Accelerator, the startup incubator program the sequencing giant set up last year. And with more than $40 million in VC cash secured to help the startups grow, Illumina is now looking for the next group of companies to join.

Ex-BGI CEO's next move? A $1.6B push to find a 'formula for life'

Jun Wang, who stepped down as CEO of Chinese sequencing giant BGI last month, has told Nature News what he wants to do next. The tentative plan is to raise $1.6 billion, gather samples from 1 million people and analyze them with a supercomputer to uncover a "formula for life."

NIH to bankroll initiatives to build Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots into R&D programs

The National Institutes of Health is offering funding to research initiatives that make use of the Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots. The NIH is hoping the next wave of projects will help the National Cancer Institute decide how to establish computational infrastructure to support genomics research.

Y Combinator continues push into bioinformatics with investment in Cofactor Genomics

Startup bootcamp Y Combinator has backed Cofactor Genomics, an RNA testing business. The deal marks another step in YC's expansion beyond tech and into biotech and gives St. Louis, MO-based Cofactor Genomics a way into Silicon Valley, TechCrunch reports.

Google's Calico snags access to Ancestry.com data to find genetic causes of long life

Google's life-extension biotech Calico has secured access to data held by Ancestry.com, a family tree business that sells DNA testing kits. Calico will pick through the genetic data and millions of family trees in search of contributors to long life spans and drug targets.

Genomics vs. YouTube: Which will have the greater computing requirements in 2025?

YouTube users upload 300 hours of video every minute. If the site keeps growing at its current rate, researchers think users could be uploading 1,700 hours of video a minute by 2025, a total that would amount to 2 exabytes of data per year. Yet if a new analysis is right, the computing crunch facing genomics could dwarf these challenges.

China aims world's fastest supercomputer at genomics

The 33.86-petaflops supercomputer, which has topped the table of the world's fastest machines since its introduction in 2013, was used to cut the time it took to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms.