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Latest Headlines

Roche brings an Alzheimer's drug back from the brink with another PhIII endeavor

Roche is resuscitating development for gantenerumab, an Alzheimer's treatment that flamed out in Phase III late last year, as recent clinical results have emboldened the company to launch new studies.

Biogen gives Roche 'renewed confidence' in its own failed Alzheimer's drugs

Biogen turned heads around the industry last month with early data in which its plaque-destroying Alzheimer's treatment had a significant effect on patients' cognition, bucking a vexing trend for such antibodies. Among those paying close attention was Roche, which is now re-examining a pair of once-failed treatments.

Pioneering study will test if trio of Roche, Lilly drugs can prevent Alzheimer's

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has pieced together a pioneering new study that will help put a new theory on preventing Alzheimer's to a definitive test. And the outcome could help pave the way for a megablockbuster approach to treating a disease that afflicts millions.

Roche stakes its claim as the leader in high-risk Alzheimer's R&D

That dark cloud you've been watching form around the late-stage Alzheimer's drug development field has come equipped with a bright silver lining for Roche.

Big Pharma's high-risk pursuit of CNS gold faces major market doubts

Here's an interesting number for anyone interested in the risks and rewards of drug development: Two of every three analysts and fund managers recently queried by the ISI Group say they expect that new Alzheimer's drugs in late-stage testing at Eli Lilly and Pfizer/J&J will fail.

Roche spotlights PhI efficacy of Alzheimer's antibody

Roche has taken the first big clinical step in a long journey it hopes will lead to a mega-blockbuster market. The pharma giant says that a small, early-stage study of its experimental Alzheimer's