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Flagship launches another microbiome biotech with $35M and a focus on cancer

Flagship Ventures, the group behind microbiome success story Seres Therapeutics, is delving further into gut science with a new startup that aims to treat cancer by harnessing the power of the body's many bacterial tenants.

A well-connected Pronutria revs up amino acid research with $39M C round

Cambridge, MA-based Pronutria, a graduate of Flagship's VentureLabs that recently attracted some high-profile R&D talent, has put the finishing touches to a $39 million C round designed to advance a pipeline of therapeutic-strength amino acid drugs in the clinic.

Flagship's startup factory recruits AstraZeneca, Bayer and Nestlé

Doubling down on its in-house startup academy, biotech VC stalwart Flagship Ventures has recruited a trio of big-name corporate sponsors to lend their expertise to its next class of seedlings, expanding its focus well beyond traditional drug development.

VC heavyweights back a $150M NYC biotech fund with Lilly and Celgene in tow

New York City's nascent biotech investment fund is ready to get rolling, recruiting some venture capital partners to join Eli Lilly, Celgene and GE Ventures with hopes of pouring $150 million into the local life sciences startup scene.

Flagship banks $537M to back the next batch of biotechs

Biotech VC stalwart Flagship Ventures put together a $537 million new fund, its largest ever, with eyes on a new generation of life sciences upstarts.

Seres bags another $10M to gut it out in microbiomics

Biotech Seres Health has raised a quick $10 million B round to support its work in microbiome R&D, appending a partnership with the Mayo Clinic as it advances an infectious disease treatment.

Flagship Ventures launches a biotech on the human microbiome sea

After two years of building up its knowledge of the human microbiome, tiny Seres Health has emerged from stealth mode today with $10.5 million in venture cash from Flagship Ventures and a business plan to develop new therapies dubbed "Ecobiotics."

Langer biotech adds $16M in venture cash to back next-gen cancer drugs

The startup biotech Blend Therapeutics rang in 2012 with seed cash and will now close out the year with a fresh injection of $16 million in B-round bucks budgeted to take this startup--one of the latest from the prolific scientist Robert Langer--right to the threshold of clinical development.

Biotech upstart Moderna nails down $40M for bold RNA idea

The secretive startup has attracted $40 million from Flagship Ventures and other investors to put the bold plan into action, disclosing the financing and details about its research to the public for the first time this morning.

Dx startup Quanterix draws major bioMérieux investment

French in vitro diagnostics giant bioMérieux has taken a major stake in Massachusetts startup Quanterix. It led most of a $18.5 million Series C financing secured by the company, and both will partner to develop ultrasensitive and multilevel immunoassays.